Sunday 29 March 2020

My Diary week 13

I was up at 7.30 this morning, so a little sleep in. I couldn't get the Wii to work so didn't use it this morning.
When I went to print something the printer didn't work I so I had to pull the plug and re-plug it in and then it worked.
Tasha is still coughing a lot often till she throws up, she came down for buttered toast.
Jess rang and got me to contact Leo's driver and let him know that tomorrow he only has to drive Leo home as he has a Dr appointment in the morning.

Up at 5.20 when Tim left for work I was awake so I got up.
Jess & Leo didn't turn up till 7.30am she has only 1 child to drive this morning. I was starting to worry
Jess is taking Leo to GP about his ear.
Blain is off school till next term, his parents have decided it is for the best.
Leo went to school and will continue to for the rest of the week.
Leo is on antibiotics for his ear
Up at 6am as Tim was leaving for work.
Leo rang me last night toilet me know he will be going to school today. However I received a message from Jess saying he wouldn't be going, so I sent his driver text letting him know. Then at 7.15 Jess rings me to tell me he is going and to ring his driver and let him know. Talk about frustrating. So Leo will be at school for the week but will be off next week.
Jess has no work till maybe next term, no work means no pay.

Had a shocking nights sleep, dreamt of Tim a lot.
I woke up feeling tired and worried. I wrote a letter to the person I am worried about, out lining my concerns.
Leo is a school still, but for how long I do not know.
A wet afternoon, Leo rang and told me that I am not to wait at the top of the driveway for him this afternoon because of the weather. I was touched by his call.

Another day at home, I still got up at 6.15 well 6.05 as I was awake before the alarm.
Leo isn't going back to school till after the Easter break.
Had a three way video chat with Jess & Tasha so Jess could see if it would work.
Had to have a nap as I felt awful afterwards I had a hypo and needed honey followed by food.
Leo is here tonight, he has ointment and antibiotics for his ear, however, he has trouble swallowing the capsules.
While eating a pie I got a small piece stuck in the throat , it took me close to 2hrs to dislodge it.
It upset Blain & Leo to see the state I was in. they sent or Tasha who came and help change me and settle me down, as I was in a state.

I was awake at 6am and tried to stay in bed but that failed I was shaking far too much, so I got up and dressed.
Another coldish wet day, Tim is at work, they are having their temperature taken twice a day.
Tasha & Jess have gone to Charlie, they were gone a bloody long time and only got a couple of items for me.
When Jess left she said it may be another week before I see her again.
Mum said she had a problem with Dawson understanding why he cannot hang out with his mates. He got angry and mum had his dad try and explain it to him. He ended up telling Dawson that if Mum gets the virus it will kill her.
Up at 7.30am which was nice, a bit of sleep in.

Tim is off today so he went and did the weekly shop, he was able to get pretty much everything on the list
Started raining after lunch just a light rain.
Tim has a red inflamed area on his left foot around the area I have a bunion. He decided to ring 13sick at 1.50pm they answer at 2.20am. A doctor will be here sometime in the next 4hrs.
Mum isn't well today, she has been sick in the stomach with a headache and fever. Dawson rang his dad as soon as he saw her.
Dave & Leigh went straight over to check her out.
The doctor arrived around 8pm he said the problem is being caused by Tim's ingrown toenail. He gave Tim a script which Tasha will get filled tomorrow.

Friday 27 March 2020

This too will pass

Another day here at Jo's place doing bugga all, reading blogs and watching telly with a bit of housework thrown in. of course I am in self isolation more less I do see Natasha each day she needs to help me with a number of tasks. I also see Jess & Leo but after today that may stop not sure when I will next see Kathy and her girls again.

Someone tried to tell my daughter that she had to remain inside her house with doors and windows shut. Yes you can have your windows and doors open yes you can sit outside in the sunshine. You can even chat to a neighbour as long as you keep 1.5m apart.

Children can still play outside in their own yard just not with friends, yes it is hard for children to understand, but after a while they will get it.

Life is going on and in time this too will pass.

People need to use a bit of common sense

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Black Rhino

Hello everyone on this windy Tuesday afternoon, Blain is off school again today but as yet his parents have not decided about the next 11 days. There are only 11 more days of school for this term.

Anyone it's Tuesday so it is creature day and today's creature is the Rhino...................

Sadly this amazing creature are seriously endangered, poachers kill them for their horns. The horns are sold to people who use them to make traditional medicine, of course there are laws and nature reserves to protect them.

They are pretty famous for their tough, leathery skin which can be 5cm or 2in thick in places. It forms large stiff plates all over its body with folds and wrinkles in between to help it move.

Yes there are several different types on of which is the black rhino from Africa which is 4m or 13ft long and around 1.75m or 6ft tall which is a tad smaller then the white rhino which is 1.9m tall. They have small brains and poor eyesight so they will charge at everything they think may be a threat. Note Black rhinos are grey not black.

Monday 23 March 2020


Hello everyone here I am at another Monday no aqua today as the pool has closed for who knows how long.

Blain is off school, this is his parents decision Leo is still going to school as I think Sydney-May & Summer are.

Here are to days facts

A person swallows approximately 295 times while eating a meal.

On average a person chews gum approximately 5,000 times

A scorpion can survive up to three weeks if it is embedded in a block of ice.

A square foot of lawn has about 3,000 blades of grass in it.

A square foot of fairway on a golf course has 4,500 blades of grass.

On a putting green there are 8,000 blades of grass

Sunday 22 March 2020

My Dieary week 12

I was awake around 7.15am, I heard Tim get up and say oh shit it was later then he would have liked, he started work at 7.45am.
Been a nice day not cold nor hot. I have felt so drained all day

Up with the alarm but spent time doing stuff before I went to get ready for aqua, which I managed on my own.
Tasha didn't want me to go as she is still feeling like shit. She has a head cold but no fever, she is thinking of seeing a doctor.
Aqua was good.
Turned out hot today.
Spoke to mum while waiting for Leo, I lost connection with her on the house phone at Tasha's carport. I then rang her back on my mobile.

Went to the doctors just for scripts thankfully I was in and out pretty quick. While there I asked about Tasha & Blain's colds he agreed that for a simple cold without a high fever all they need to do was stay home and rest.
Also asked about mum and he said because she is 80yrs old and has high blood pressure, diabetes and a heart condition she should stay home as much as possible.
Jessica is thinking about driving for Uber or Ola she filled in the application for Uber and everything went through but she hasn't been able to get the app working so she decided to try Ola not sure how that's working out as yet. I think is more bother then its worth.
Leo is here tonight
Mum has given in to pressure and will be staying home for a while, at least she see's Dave, Sandy & Dawson most days.
I also have a head cold so will not be going out this Friday.

Another terrible start to the day, due to only having one toilet, so I had to have a shower in order to feel clean. Took some diarrhoea relief tablets.
Been a nice day.
Jessica sent another email to Leo's school about his treatment and she sent a copy to me.
Tim also sent an email the school about Leo.

Up with the alarm as per usual got dressed in the lounge-room. Jess & Leo arrived at 6.30am.
Tasha was sick all night throwing up, however, after taking pain relief and cough syrup she felt well enough to go to the shops.
In the end she went to 3 different supermarkets and the chemist for me, Sandy was able to get me toilet paper and sugar.
A hot day, I had to turn the air con on this afternoon.
Leo here tonight.

Had a shower when I got up, Leo had a late night so I let him sleep in till 7.45am.
At 8.30 the plumber arrived to fix the leaking taps. He also replaced the shower head with a hose one.
Mum rang and told me that she has had no power since 8.30pm last night. Leigh rang Ausgrid last night and explained that mum is 80 and that she had no power.
So the electricity company came out and said the power box for the house had packed it in. Mum said they were there till 10am fixing the problem.
Jess rang at 4.30pm to tell Tim Coles down the road had toilet paper, so he jumped in the car and went down. He didn't get any.

I was up at 7.15 because that is when I woke up. Tim didn't get up till 9.45, Kathy turned up around 10.15am with Summer they stayed till 11.45am.
It was great seeing them and get hugs and kisses from them. I said to Kathy you don't want to social distance from us, she laughed and said no way. None of my girls are social distancing from me.
I was up at 7.15 because that is when I woke up. Tim didn't get up till 9.45, Kathy turned up around 10.15am with Summer they stayed till 11.45am.
It was great seeing them and get hugs and kisses from them. I said to Kathy you don't want to social distance from us, she laughed and said no way. None of my girls are social distancing from me.

Friday 20 March 2020

No Motivvatioin and Frustration

Hello Friday, what a week its been, I for some reason have had zero motivation to do nothing much at all. The weather here is all over the place in the last 7 days it has been cold, wet and hot, hot enough for the air con which is on again today.

The empty shelves in the supermarkets is distressing for many older people and annoying to others. I have not been to the shops since last Friday, as I usually only go out once a week but this week I am confined to the house.

Yesterday Tasha had to go to 3 different supermarkets to get my groceries as well as having to go back this morning to get a couple of things but not toilet paper, thankfully I still have some.

Tim has been told to keep at least 1.5metres from passengers on his bus this is a little difficult to do also they are not suppose to handle cash but most still are.

I am not sure if I will be going to aqua on Monday, will see what happens.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Tuesday's Post

Good morning world from Aussie Jo at Jo-Anne's Ramblings, I didn't do a post yesterday I had no motivation to do much of anything. I think I have caught Natasha's cold so I have decided that I will not go out shopping this Friday unless I improve before then.

I had to go to the doctor's this morning just for script and spoke to him about Tasha's cold and myself getting a cold,, he said unless we have been overseas in the last month or have a high fever we have the common cold and to just stay home until it passes.

You only get tested for Covid 19 if you have been overseas or are over 65, and your GP cannot do the test.

My baby brother has told mum that she isn't to go out she needs to self isolate for who knows h ow long. This isn't what she wants to hear, as she like me only go to the shops one day a week for 2hrs max. However, after talking to the doctor I agree with him.

Jessica thought she would like to dive for Uber or Ola but it has given her a headache trying to set it up. I do not what she is going to do, I think it is more bother then its worth.

Sunday 15 March 2020

My Diary Week 11

Up at 7.30am dressed and ready for the day. A cool day here, I was busy with vacuuming done it twice, did a load of washing and ironed Tim's work shirts and a top of mine.
Mum said that Dawson had a good a good time at the show yesterday one of his friends paid for him to get in.

Up at 6.15 when my alarm went off, Tim got up at the same time.
At 7.30 I received a phone call from someone telling me that they they are coming to see about doing the modifications to the house that I need.
So no aqua today.
Men turned up at 9am and started work removing the lattice work at the front door.
They didn't put in a ramp but instead a large step and I am now unable to get the scooter in or out of the house. I should have realised but didn't I feel like such a dill.
So now Tasha and Tim will have to make phone calls to see if it can be changed into a ramp.
The handrails in the bathroom are good.

A horrible start to the day, didn't make it to the loo in time and had to have a shower in order to feel clean.
Then I thought I would have to use wheelchair to take Leo up but Tasha came down and lifted the scooter over the door so I could take it outside.
After Leo left I left the scooter outside till after he gets home this aftternoon.
Jess turned up after work wanting soft boiled eggs but I didn't have bread till Tasha got here. When Tash arrived she also wanted soft boiled eggs too. So I did eggs for both of them.
Jess made fun of her sister not being able to cut her egg's top off.
Having them here bickering lifted my spirits
This afternoon Leo managed to bring the scooter inside on his own.

Awake before the alarm but laid in bed till it went off.
Had to wake Leo this morning, he looks like he may have conjunctivitis but I am unsure. He went to school as per usual.
Leo & Tasha took the scooter outside for me this morning.
Workmen came back and installed another hand rail in the bathroom.
Tim went and bought a piece of wood and placed it inside the door making it easier for me to get in and out.
Leo's eyes are ok now turned out to be a small pimple on the bottom of his eye.

Up and dressed with the alarm this morning, Jess & Leo didn't get here till 7.30am she said she had a late start.
I wasn't sure I would be able to get the scooter out because Jess is parked on the lawn. However, Leo managed to get it out and slowly explained to me how to get back inside.
We were half way up the driveway when Leo remembered he wasn't wearing socks and ran back to get some on.

I was awake at 4am, I could hear Tim saying goodbye to Leo when I went to the loo by the time I went back to bed I could hear Tim drive off. Anyway I was unable to get back to sleep.
Saw Kelli and Freya at Charlie and they came back here for a while. It was great to see them.
Blain not going to his dad this weekend because he has been sick and his dad doesn't want risk his 2 other children Daemon & Freya) getting sick which I understand.
Leo's new driver started today while Brian is off for a week.
Tasha is sick but still running around after other people.

Had a shocking night because I forgot to take my night time meds. I was awake on and off all night.
It is Kelli's birthday today, I sent her a birthday text.
Jess is working and Leo is here for the day.
Tim & I went and put in my passport renewal then we went to Lake Fair and we took the scooter and I was able to get around great.
We get home and Kathy turns up with my shopping, running in and out saying she was super busy and couldn't stop.
Leo had his hair cut as Jess found that he had head lice again, it is pretty short but it will grow back.
Been bloody cold today and wet, rained most of the day.

Thursday 12 March 2020

Thursday's thought

When at last I
took the time to look
into the heart of a
flower, it opened up
a whole new world
as if a window
had been opened
to let in the sun

BY: Princess Grace of Monaco

Wednesday 11 March 2020


Hello Aussie Day here at my little ole blog. This week I am telling you a bit about the Lyrebird.

A lyrebird is either of two specie of ground-dwelling that compose the genus Menura, and the family Menuridae.

They are most notable for their superb ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment, The lyrebird is capable of imitating almost any sound and they have been recorded mimicking human sounds such as a mill whistle, a cross-cut saw, chainsaws, car engines and car alarms, fire alarms, rifle-shots, camera shutters, dogs barking, crying babies, music, mobile phone ring tones, and even the human voice.

The striking beauty of the male bird's huge tail when it is fanned out in courtship display. Lyrebirds have unique plumes of neutral-coloured tailfeathers and are among Australia's best-known native birds.

They get their name because of the of the tail of the male bird. When the tail is raised over his head, it looks like an ancient musical stringed instrument called a lyre.

Tuesday 10 March 2020


Hello Tuesday, how ya doing?

Well its creature day and today's creature is the Yak.

A Yak looks like a very large cow, standing around 2m or 7ft tall and it's covered in a thick long fur that can each down to the ground, it's kinda like a hairy blanket. Combined with a softer fluffier fur underneath. This keeps the yak warm and dry , now you may wonder about them sweating but yaks do not sweat, during the hot weather they make tracks to higher ground they before temps around -40 degrees.

They are found throughout the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent, the Tibetan Plateau, Northern Myanmar, Yunnan, Sichuan and as far north as Mongolia and Siberia.

High in their mountain home the air doesn't contain much oxygen, so the yak has extra large lungs and special blood cells that can collect extra oxygen from the air.

They are used for pulling ploughs and carrying heavy loads, they also can provide milk which is made into butter and cheese. Their thick hair can be used to make ropes, people also collect their dung and use it for fuel for fires.

The female is called a dri or nak, although the name yak is also used for both male and female

Monday 9 March 2020

Did you know, do you want to know, anyway here are some facts for you

Another Monday here in Newie, just saying, workmen here at the house installing a ramp at the front door and hand rails in the bathroom.

Now for this weeks five facts...................

Back in 1924the town of Fairfield in Montana over a 12 hour period had a temperature drop of 84 degrees Fahrenheit it was 63 degrees at noon but by midnight it was -21 degrees.

When she sank the Titanic had 7,500 lbs of ham on it.

It wasn't till the year 440 AD that the 25th December was celebrated as the birth date of Jesus.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the world was 129 degrees below zero in Vostok, Antarctica on the 21st July 1983

A newborn baby expels its own body weight in poo every 60 hours

Sunday 8 March 2020

Diary Week 10

No alarm this morning so it was around 7ish when I got up and dressed. After a slice off banana bread I threw in a load of laundry and vacuumed out.
Watched Leo while Jess went to get Blain and after they got back Jess hung around to 2.30pm.
It has been another hot day, needed the air con on.

Up and dressed at 6.15 as per usual, a cool start to the day.
Jess rang at 8.47am to let me know she would be late as there had been an accident, she was not in an accident, someone else was.
Jess arrived at 9.30 and we went to Kmart and I was able to get 4 new tops 3 for home and a nice black on for going out.
It is another stinking hot day, temp around 37 degrees.
Will finish Mutiny on the Bounty tonight.

Up and dressed at 6.15 when the alarm went off. A much cooler day.
Tasha had to get me some more chocolate milk as Tim drank it all also asked her to get normal milk.
I downloaded another book to listen to as I finished Mutiny on the Bounty last night.
Some rain today.

Up and dressed at 6.15, it is raining and very cool.
I felt so tired at 9.30 that I had to go back to bed for 2hrs.
Stopped raining around 10ish but still cool.
Mum told me Michelle asked if her and Landon could stay with her & Dawson and both Dawson and Dave told her no.
Michelle also asked if she could leave her dogs at mum's and she said no.
She also said that the DoH rang and said they had a place for her at Edgeworth of course mum said nope not interested but for the lady rang and spoke to Sandy at mum's request and they said that they had another place at Windale which mum and Sandy checked out but mum still said no not interested. Mum said the bathroom wasn't big enough.

I got dressed in the bath room this morning I then had a fright, I couldn't find Leo looked everywhere only to realise he isn't here because he spent last night at his house. I felt like a dill.
A wet day had to get Tasha to take Leo to meet Brian (his driver). She will have to get him this afternoon if it is raining.
Brian drove Leo down, he didn't see Tasha standing under a carport out of the rain. So she said what was the point of being there in pissing rain.

Awake and up before my alarm this morning, as Leo came in at 5.30 because he had a bad dream about one of his bunnies “Oppie”
This morning I had to ring Leo's driver as it was 8.30am and he hadn't turned up when I spoke to him he said he thought I had rang and said Leo was sick and not going. He had already dropped kids off at the school. He did come back to get Leo and apologised saying it is the first time in 6yrs he has forgot a student.
I was annoyed but what's the point didn't change anything.
Mum rang to let me know that Dad's headstone is now in place.
Wasn't able to get toilet paper anywhere. Dave said if some comes in he will put some aside for us. I hope he can get some.
Dave was able to get me & Jess some toilet paper, I am relieved.
Jess helping me get ready for bed tonight.

I woke at 7.45am at 7.46 I received a text to tell me my grocery delivery would be arriving next. I went to the loo and then into get dressed and could see the delivery truck pull up. I said so and Tim jumped up saying what all ready. He wanted a sleep in but he didn't go back to bed.
I was short 3 items so will have to get Tasha to get them for me today or tomorrow.
Jess & Leo have gone to the show they took Katja with them. Tasha also went with some friends. Mum said Dawson went as well.
I had to ring mum at 4pm she forgot about me, that is a good thing as it means she was preoccupied and not feeling lonely.
Tim bought a security camera for inside the house, I don't know why. He has set it up in the lounge-room.

Wednesday 4 March 2020


Hello Wednesday been a cool day no need for the air con, being Wednesday it is Aussie Day and today animal is the bilby.

Macrotis, known as bilbies or rabbit-bandicoots, is a genus of desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores; they are members of the order Peramelemorphia. At the time of European colonisation of Australia, there were two species. The lesser bilby became extinct in the 1950s; the greater bilby survives but remains endangered.

There is estimated to be about 600-700 bilbies left around the world. Before European settlement, bilbies lived over 70% of the Australian Mainland.

Greater bilbies are important in the restoration of soil and rejuvenation of vegetation in arid Australia. They use their strong front paws to dig deep holes in soil that enables plant material to fall in and decompose. ... With the decline of Australia's native wildlife, our ecosystem hangs in the balance.

Bilbies are omnivores, which means they eat a mixture of animals and plants. They have a varied diet, which includes: insects such as termites, spiders, other small animals such as lizards and worms, small mammals, fruit, bulbs, and seeds. Bilbies find their food by searching in the sand with their long snout

Tuesday 3 March 2020


Hello everyone, yesterday it was stinking bloody hot and today it is pretty cool, not cold and guess what I have broken out it a head to foot sweat three times this morning.

So it's Tuesday so it is creature day and today we a looking at the Mongoose, a creature with a strange name. However, it's not a goose it is cat size mammal with bushy dense fur they are small like the size of a cat, carnivorans native to southern Eurasia and mainland Africa.

They maybe small but they are known for their bravery and toughness in fights with deadly snakes which they eat. It is bloody good at jumping out of the way of snakes and such. Now because of its dense fur snakes find it is hard to sink their fangs into a mongooses thick fur. Doesn't hurt that they are also resistant to snake venom, when a snake tries it on with a mongoose it often finds its head is bitten off by the mongoose and the rest of its eaten.

Guess what some might say foolish other thing they do, they will raid a crocodile nest when the mother isn't looking and steal her eggs, they are able to do this because of how fast they move.

Lastly they make a strange noise, that sounds like giggling, especially when they are looking for a mate.

Monday 2 March 2020

Did you know facts No:4

Hello world, it is a stinking bloody hot day here in Newie after going shopping with Jess this morning for some new tops for myself and found a pair of grey trousers for Leo for school.

Here is this weeks five facts...................

The song “Happy birthday to You” was originally written by sisters Mildred and Patty Hill as “Good morning to You” the words were changed and it was published in 1935.

Bats are more closely related to humans than they are to rats.

Glass is not a solid, it is made of sand and other substances, so it is what scientists call a “supercooled liquid”.

Piece's of bread were used to erase lead pencil before rubber came into use.

You can make cheese from the milk of 24 different mammals

Sunday 1 March 2020

Diary Week 9

I haven't posted since Tuesday for different reasons such as my body being in pain and my concentration being bloody awful and then there is the internet dropping out.

I hope things go better this week

Awake at 7am, but didn't get up till 7.30am when Tim got up for work, got dressed and opened the house up. I also put the clean clothes away I also put the clean clothes away
I then tidy the lounge-room and kitchen before putting the dishwasher on and throwing a load in to the washing machine. I then vacuumed out.
After blogging for a bit I hung the washing up to dry then mum rang and we talked for an hour which is normal.

I was up when the rooster crowed, not a real one but the sound of one on my phone waking me up.
Had a quick shower and got ready for aqua, Tasha doesn't like me going she worries it is too much for me.
Tim is on afternoons this week.
Walking down the drive for some unknown reason Leo's thumb started hurting.
Laminated a bunch of birth certificates and filled away.
His thumb hurt for about half a hour till he got distracted.

Up with the alarm, opened the house up then went and got dressed for the day.
Leo arrived around 7am he was in a good mood, however, he has misplaced his ipad charger.'
Had the injection in my knee, hope it works well, only time will tell.
Leo had a bad day at school, saying he isn't sure if he wants to go back tomorrow. Jess rang and spoke to Leo. He ended up hanging up on her. She will email the school.
Tasha has written about it in his communication book.
I hope he is better tomorrow
It has turned out hot,
I am so fed up with my right arm aching,

Up and dressed as usual with the roosters crow found myself drenched in sweat as I got dressed. So the air con went on early.
Woke at 3am for the loo but when I went back to bed I could not sleep, I laid there till 4.30am which was the last time before I dropped off. I also a a very bad headache.
Tim put scooter on to charge so I had to ask Tasha to get Leo this afternoon.
Started pissing down at 3pm, so I am glad Tasha is getting Leo.
Had to go and lay down with a Kool & Soothe on my forehead, after Tim left for work. I laid down for 2hrs
Mum told me that Ed was bitten four times by a snake, mum said it was a red belly brown snake which I have never heard of, he is home and ok. Sandy had to ring the ambos and he was taken to the hospital.

Up and dressed at 6.15, I was still opening the house when Jess & Leo arrived at 6.30.
A much cooler start to the day, hope it stays cool
Did 2 loads of laundry and vacuumed out twice and looks like it needs it again.
This afternoons after I was laying down listening to my book Tasha & Leo got into a spat. All she wanted was for Leo to open his door and speak to her, he didn't want to and this cause a conflict and when he did open it he had his hoody on hiding his face and couldn't understand when he had to show his face.
I really enjoy listening to a book before I go to sleep
Up with my alarm and got dressed in the lounge-room so not to disturb Tim.
Had a good morning shopping with Jessica and I didn't run into anything or over anyone.
It has been a warm day with a nice breeze through the house.
Mum was telling me that Ed was told by his dad that he has another brother named Mick who he wants Ed to meet, which he is suppose to do this weekend.
Told Jessica that I would be ok tonight and she didn't need to stay so she got me changed and left at 4.45pm.

Up at 9.30am, I didn't settled down till 8.30pm last night but slept well although my left shoulder is sore this morning got Tasha to rub ice gel into it.
Bought a couple of pizza's for lunch. I paid for them.
Been very tired this afternoon, fell asleep while I was talking to mum. So an early night for me.

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