Wednesday 29 November 2017

Things I need to do

I think I need set apart a day to do some more posts for my unposted folder because many of my days are so busy or I am feeling so tired that I forget to do a post.

I also need to work on some Christmas posts, to do this might mean I skip a day reading blogs because there is only so much I can do in a day or maybe that should read morning. I am a morning person, after lunch I am not one for doing much of anything.

I have started writing down what gifts I have stored away, done three boxes so far still have a heavy larger box to do will need someone to drag it out into the lounge room for me as it is too heavy for me to get it out from under the bed and drag it out to the lounge room. I prefer to do this when Tim isn't home so I don't have to listen to him complain about how much I buy and ask why I bought this thing or that thing.

Jessica has had another student added to her school run morning and afternoon and this means it is now around 4.10pm by the time she gets home in the afternoon so I have close to an hour that I am sitting in the car waiting for her to get home. Leo goes inside and plays his Xbox, I could go inside too if I wanted to but I am ok just sitting in the car reading. Only 2 ½ weeks of school to go before they break up for the Christmas holidays, that is the big holidays around 6-7 weeks off school they will go back at the end of January.

I also want to get my Christmas decorations out and start to decorate the house for Christmas and when school breaks up Leo wants me to take him shopping for a Christmas present for his mum.

I have managed to do a heap of Christmas cards still have a heap to do, I am doing a few each day because of my tremor I can only write for a short period of time before the shaking makes writing near impossible.

Monday 27 November 2017

Another did you know Monday

Hello Monday, and Monday means is did you know day so this week I am asking did you no...................

Until 1818 shoes were interchangeable, yeah there was no difference between the right and left shoes, what the hell is with that. Anyway it was King George IV of England (of course England) who changed the tradition by ordering that a set of boots be made to fit each foot specifically.

The first pop video was “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen in 1975

The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 and in 1927 Walt came up with the idea of a cartoon mouse call “Mortimer”, it was his wife who convinced him to change the name to Mickey Mouse.

Vincent Van Gogh, the world's most valued painter, sold only one painting in his entire life, to his brother who owned an art gallery, the painting was called “Red Vineyard at Arles”................

Thursday 23 November 2017

Organised for the holidays Yes or Not

Hello everyone didn't get around to doing a post yesterday no reason why just didn't. Anyway here I am on this lovely Thursday morning starting a post about what, let me think what should I write about, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Well with the Christmas holidays just around the corner let us talk about being organised for the holidays.

How do you stay organised?

What do you think about me, how organised do you think I would be?

Should I answer that question here and now, or should I wait till tomorrow to answer it, maybe I will wait and see what others think before I answer, yes that is what I will do I will do a post tomorrow answering that question that way I get two posts out of one question.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

A Gift from Nicole

Last Friday in the mail I received this parcel.

It was from Nicole who can be found here:

It contained these items.

Have to say it made me feel so happy and it was just in time for my birthday which was on Thursday.

If you have never paid Nicole a visit you should do so she had an amazing blog and is an amazing woman.

Monday 20 November 2017

My Weekend/Party

This last weekend was up and down, leopotatoface is the best. The last few words about Leo were by Leo and I said I would leave it in to make him happy.

There was a party for my birthday on Saturday at my parents place, there was a nice turn out for the party and all the food was eaten just had KFC & Pizzas and of course there was cake, this cake......

I received a lot of nice presents as you can see:

I had a few drinks buy didn't get drunk, just had enough to feel relaxed, I am not much of a drinker.

Sunday saw me at home doing laundry and watching telly.

I know all these things are ups and not downs, the down was Friday night when Tim came home from work in a mood, he was pissed off with me because I bought some story books for my very young nieces and nephews which I will send to them from “Mrs Claus” the books only cost $3 each and are personalised with their name in them. This is just a little thing I like to do each year but Tim doesn't want me to do so because they don't buy gifts for us or our grandchildren but that in my opinion isn't here or there. So his mood was upsetting to me but by Saturday he was acting in a better mood which meant I was able to enjoy my party.

Thursday 16 November 2017

Turning 55

What is age?

Some people say it is just a number, some people say it is just how old you feel......................

I remember my grandmother (nanna) refusing to tell people how old she was, she used to say you never ask a woman how old she is and a woman should never say how old she is.....................

I am not like that I have never had a problem saying how old I am......................

Today I turned 55.......................

It was a Friday that I came into the world a tiny little premature bub weighing 4lb something and look at me know, a short fat woman...................

I am loved and appreciated and I am part of a wonderful loving family, I have a good life and I am happy, for me life is good, even with my sore stinging knee pain and a tremor that makes many things difficult.

My favourite colour is purple

My favourite time of year is Christmas time

My hobbies are blogging and penpalling

I love giving a little more then receiving but I do like to receive gifts 

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Photo Wednesday


Monday 13 November 2017

Did you know

Well Monday is here again, so here are some more did you know facts....................

When you think Christmas lunch or dinner you think turkey but in older times, goose,swan and even peacock were specialities at Christmas time. A peacock was severed with all its real feathers, its peak would be covered in gold leaf and it would be set on fire.............what the hell...............

In 1876 when constructing the 550 foot tall Washington Monument, at the stage when it was at the 153 feet tall, workers needed to get a rope to the top, but they did not have any sort of scaffolding. So what did they do, they tied a thread to the leg of a pigeon put him inside the unfinished tower and made a sudden noise. The frightened bird flew up to the top and out, a string was attached to the thread and pulled to the top, and then a rope was pulled to the top with the string, what the hell.

Some people in China use live quail in the winter as hand warmers, really what the hell..................

There was once a flock of ducks that lived on the roof of a hotel in Memphis Tennessee, USA, who used to take the hotel lift down to the ground floor when they wanted to go anywhere, yeah like I believe that..................

There is a wild edible plant called Hernandulcin which is one thousand times sweeter than sugar......

Saturday 11 November 2017

Some Random Thoughts

Here are some of my random thoughts that I had during the last week.

It is November the days are suppose to be getting warmer and yet again it has been cold and wet and had to find my long pants again, granted not track pants but still long pants and even had to dig out a long sleeve pyjama shirt to wear the other night.

I am so fed up with my right leg at the moment still have a lot of pain in it and walking makes it worse, that said the morphine patch is helping a lot, has greatly reduced the pain level, I hope the doctor gives me another script for them.

Some children when they are not feeling 100 % try and talk their way into having the day of school but not Leo he talked me into letting him go to school. He is coughing and has had a slight fever on and off but he still wants to go to school.

Tim wants me to see a different doctor about the pain in my knee and I know that it is properly a good idea but I am not keen on it.

Turns out Leo has an ear infection, the school rang Jess yesterday and told her he was complaining of an ear ache, so she took him to the doctors after school.

Jessica is working again this weekend well Saturday so of course I have Leo again today and Kathy-Lee is going to Charlestown for me to pay my mums laybys and get scripts from the chemist for me I hope she knows where to go as she left her phone here. She also needs to go to Jessica's house and pick up Leo's antibiotics because naturally his mum left them at home.

My mum just rang me and told me she just had a terrible fright she had a knock at the back door and she was home alone and on the toilet and yelled out hang on a sec, the next thing she knew she had this strange man standing in front of her while she is still sitting on the toilet. He was a delivery man with a delivery for her but she has never had a delivery man just wander into her house and down the hall looking for someone. I have told her to ring and lodge a complaint about this person.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Just another Thursday

Here we are at another Thursday and it is still cool/cold and wet on and off during the day, I don't have much on today after I take Leo to school I will be going to the doctor to tell him how I think the patch has worked.

I woke up with no energy this morning maybe I am getting sick, Jessica was sick last night and had to leave Tafe early to go home and to bed. Leo has been feeling sick the last couple of days as well.

Dad went to the doctor on Tuesday and mentioned the coughing up blood and the doctor wasn't concerned at all he said that because dad has a real lot of scarring around where his lung was removed so not surprising that he coughed up a bit of blood.

Yesterday I missed my aqua class because I wasn't sending Leo to school but at 8.20am he comes out said he felt fine and wanted to go to school and by the time I got him to school and I got to the pool there was no where to park so I just decided to give it a miss.

Last night Leo didn't feel well again I thought he would be having today off school but he has other thoughts on the matter and just asked me how long before he goes to school. Although he is still coughing but he still insists on going to school.

I need to get my ass into gear and start getting to work ordering my Christmas cards and calendars as it is only 7 weeks till Christmas.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

A Photo Today

                                             SELFIE OF ME AND LEO TAKEN BY LEO

Monday 6 November 2017

Did you's Monday

Here we are at another Monday, this week's did you know facts are as follows:

In the future it is possible that people will be able to regrow missing arms or legs, like a salamander can grow a new tail, what the hell........... Research has shown promising results in getting bone to grow with the application of electricity. Already with children under the age of five who have lost the tip of a finger complete regrowth has been achieved, really, I don't remember hearing about this

Every person has a unique tongue print...........................

When you laugh you expel short bursts of air up to 70 miles per hour...............................

Babies under six months old can breathe and swallow at the same time, adults and those over six months cannot...........................

Lastly did you know a cats hearing is even more sensitive then a dogs, but don't tell them they already think they are better then dogs and humans..................

Sunday 5 November 2017

Some Random Thoughts

Haven't done some random thoughts in a while so this Monday I am starting a random thoughts post this is a post that I start on the Monday and fill it with random thoughts I have during the week and post it on Saturday, just for those who don't know what a random thoughts post is about.

Morphine patch is working

Sleeping tablet steadied my tremor, now to just get the Dr prescribed them to me

I wrote 8 letters in one day, that was good

Tim has picked Leo up from school on the motorbike two days this week and he loved it, what I love is that I was able to have a nap those afternoons

Woke up on Wednesday morning with sore feet, it hurt to stand on them but since I cannot walk on my hands had to just deal with it.

On Wednesday I called to drop something off to mum on the way to take Leo to school and she gave Leo a present for him from Dave & Leigh which they bought for him at Movieworld which he loves, he also gave me a keyring from Dave & Leigh which I love.

This new morphine patch is helping but it is also making me tired during the day but if I have a nap its all good.

Jessica & Leo with Kelli & Daemon have gone to visit a friend up near Casino, so Leo gets Friday off school.

Walking along, knee gives out causing me to jar the knee followed by horrible pain for the rest of the day.

Picked up Jessica's Christmas present today.

A cold wet weekend here, the weather is all over the place

Thursday 2 November 2017

Thursday Catchup

Hello everyone, damn it is Thursday already where has the week gone, during the lead up to Christmas starting from the beginning of November the weeks seem to go by faster for me.

Yesterday I woke up with heavy aching feet/legs they felt like I had been standing on them all night, weird or what but I still did half and hour of exercise and my aqua aerobics. This morning the same thing aching legs and feet but I reckon the aqua aerobics are starting to kick in and that is why my legs are aching today but my feet I really don't get whey they are so sore and aching, oh and yeah they are swollen like I have fluid retained in my feet. Again I got up and did half and hour of exercising.

This afternoon I don't need to get Leo from school as Kelli is picking him up, her, Jess and their boys are going to see their friend Jay who lives near Casino they are driving up and will be sharing the driving.

Jessica has asked Tasha to feed her bunnies while she is gone but if she doesn't I will do it I will know if she does it or not as she would have to get the key off me.

Two afternoons this week Tim picked Leo up from school on the motorbike which Leo loved and that allowed me to have a nap so I was happy with that too.

The older Leo gets the more of a help he is to me, empting bins and doing little things around the house and last night he helped papa take the bins up to the street ready to be emptied today and this morning because it was empty he brought down the recycle bin for me.

Well that's all from me for this post............

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