Sunday, 16 August 2009

Just about me

Here I am back again been a while since I posted here just not been feeling up to doing much lately as I have been so sick and even now I am still coughing so much it sounds like I am tring to cough up a lung................

Things here a going great between me and Tim, I am slowly starting to feel happier with my life I still have a lot of bad days where I wonder what is the point. I would like to spend more time home alone but there is always someone turning up and they just don't get that I need some alone time.

How do you say leave me alone without sounding rude?

I can't seem to say it without offending and upsetting my daughters.

Last night I was home alone, Tim stayed out at Cessnock as he is working again today and it was great being home alone.

Tonight I have Leo again.................................Jessica has a house inspection tomorrow and wants to clean up ready, I don't know I just can't seem to be able to say no and even when I do the girls don't like to take it as an answer and will ask me over and over again until I end up saying yes.

Just some facts

  Good morning world, or good evening or maybe good night is in order, whichever it is also Monday meaning it is also fact ...