Tuesday 21 July 2009

Not Only On TV

Now this is something I always thought you only saw on TV or maybe YouTube but never really thought it happened. However today I found out that does really happen as it happened at the petrol station my daughter works at, while she was at work.

She had just finished serving a customer when she heard a loud bang and looked outside to see a man in his 4 wheel drive driving away from a pump with the hose still in his petrol tank. Her first thought was oh shit what to do then she remembered and hit the emergency stop button, then she walked out the back and said shit shit shit a man has just pulled out a pump the guys walked out had a look told her to ring the boss and started cleaning up the spill.

She was glad it didn't happen while she was the boss.....................although her boss had never had it happen to him either and wasn't sure what to do, he had to ring head office and find out.

At least she said she it wasn't a boring day at work...............................

Thursday 9 July 2009

Feeling Like.......................................

Work up with a cough this morning and feeling like shit and just as I got up Natasha and Blain turned up. When I asked what she was doing here it came out wrong and sounded like I didn't want her here, which wasn't the case as I was already thinking about going back to bed which I did after I had breakfast as I just didn't feel like doing anything. Even watching telly was to much of an effort couldn't concerntraite.

I also have Leo tonight as it is Jessica's poker night, I hope Tim will be able to help me with him I think I will be back in bed soon and I expect to have an early night. I want to be feeling better by tomorrow morning as I have to go shopping tomorrow, I only go out shopping on Fridays as a rule.

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