Wednesday 31 December 2008

Not Dinking

It a good thing I have a bloody headache tonight and don't feel much like drinking as bossy boots aka Lucas has reminded me that I told him I wouldn't have anything to drink until after I pick him and Tasha up tonight. However I didn't realise that it would after midnight when they would want to be picked up he said around 12.20am they should be ready to come home.

Jessica has told me if I decide to have something to drink she will go and get them but I will have to go with her as she doesn't know where his sister lives.

I do have to say I feel like I am drinking as I am drink Pepsi Max out of a wine glass, we had no clean glasses so unlike my hubby who would just complain and whinge about there being no clean glasses.

Saturday 27 December 2008

Seeing Tim Happy

Guess what my darling hubby has been fishing he went yesterday and is planning to go again tomorrow afternoon, this is great he went with Lucas and said he enjoyed himself.

He also went to Sydney yesterday by himself to see his mother and step father, he rode his bike so I couldn't go even if I had wanted to. He told me that he really enjoyed the trip to Sydney it seems so odd to hear Tim say he enjoys himself as it has been so long since he has said it.

Christmas day he also seemed to be enjoying himself although at one point he looked like he was getting annoyed as my brother was stirring the shit out of him but me and Sandra pointed out that it's because Dave sees him as a brother that he does it. Dave love to stir the shit out of his siblings and as far as Dave is concerned that includes Tim.

He even gave me half the money his mother gave him for Christmas and yes I had told him I wanted half but I didn't really expect him to give it to me so that was a nice surprise.

Thursday 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas


Well I had a great day hope everyone else did as well, I did have a few drinks but I didn't get drunk well I don't think I

Tim is off work for a couple of weeks now hope he doesn't drive me crazy, he is going to Sydney tomorrow to see his mother as he is planning to ride his bike I will not be going with him.

Every year Tim has a habit of complain that he didn't get presents as good as my dad although he forgets that dad just lets mum and go and get him what ever she wants and she doesn't have to explain to him what she spent the money on,unlike me with Tim. This year he didn't but when he spoke about what I got him he seemed to talk more about what didn't come with the camera instead of the positive things about it. I gave him a digital video camera.

Although he had to complain that I bought a lot of grog and he didn't get any of it but I had told him a number of times that now that I have given out what I wanted to as Christmas presents he can have what he wants as what is left over is ours.

My girls seemed to be happy with their gifts which made me happy.

Thursday 18 December 2008


Man has it been hot here the last couple of days which wouldn't be to bad if my darling daughter Natasha would leave the air con on but she is a strange one says she is cold and will walk around with a jacket on in 30 degree heat.

Yesterday my niece Kelli who is 14 went and got a tattoo on her shoulder it is of a skull with a knife through it and blood drops, it looks cool. Her father went with her to get it done so she did have his permission, however, her mother is not happy about it.

I think my sister is annoyed with me as I said it looked cool and she thinks I am encouraging her but I am really just supporting her. Kelli is a strong willed girl who will not be told what to do or how to act so I like to support and let her know that I am here for her and that I love her just the way she is.

I understand Sue is worried that she will regret getting it done but Kelli has to make her own mistakes in life, if she regrets it then she will just have to always where something that covers it. Yes it is a large tattoo but it is what Kelli wanted, Kelli also has a number of piecings 10 in fact and that is just the type of girl she is. I don't know if you can understand that I don't see the piecings when I look at her I just see her and I think she is a strong beautiful girl. I think of her like a fourth daughter.

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Cleanning Stuff

Natasha just finish cleanning the laundry floor as there was kitty litter all over the place and she was pissed off about it as Kathy hates cleanning it out and when she does she doesn't bother to do on the floor around the tray. In fact it is me more then her that cleans it out and at least I always clean around the tray as well as sweep out the laundry.

This afternoon I asked Kathy to unpack the dishwasher before she went to work what did she say I did it yesterday but I was having none of that I told I pack it every day and she still had to do it, she did and then she tried to tell me she was only joking but I know Kathy and can tell when she is joking and she wasn't.

Tomorrow Jessica wants me to go shopping with her and I said thats ok but I also promised Natasha I would watch Blain while she went out with her cousin who is getting a tattoo tomorrow. Well now Jes is annoyed with me as she doesn't want to take Blain shopping with us I don't care what we do and told her so, also saying you decided and let me know what we are doing.

Jessica has had a couple of good nights looking after Leo I haven't heard her complaining although she did get me up last night at 4.15 as she couldn't get him to go back to sleep so I said I would do it......I was back in bed at 4.30am.

Sunday 14 December 2008

Money Issues

I have one very selfish daughter on Friday while at breakfast I asked her if she would give me $10 a week just for me and before I could say any more she started.

She works 2 jobs and I have none and she works hard for her money and why should she give it to me it's not her fault I do nothing.....Well my sisters Jeannie and Sandra where there and both of them had something to say about it, which of cause she didn't like and she ended up walking away and not talking to me for a while.

I had planned to tell her that even though she gives me $50 a week for food she reckons she never eats any of the food so not to bother doing that any more and just give me the $10 for me. Well when I did eventually tell her that she said fine but I'm not giving you the $10 I don't see why I should, however if you need something just ask and I will get it for you.......Like I want to do that ask my daughter to buy stuff for me.

Sandra told mum and mum rang here and talked to Tasha about me wanting $10 for myself and about how Kathy reacted,well Lucas lost it with Kathy and went off his head about her being selfish.I was expecting to have Tasha complain she can't afford to give me money also which is why my mum said something to her and I think the only reason she hasn't complain is Lucas.

So now Tasha said she will give me $10 one week and Lucas will give me $10 the next week and Jessica said she will set up an automatic transfer from her account for me. Jessica was the only one I knew I wouldn't have a problem with.

Tim sided with Kathy saying he didn't understand why I need to have money and told me if I want money all I have to do is ask like I want to do that but I am going to do it as I know it will drive him mad and piss him off me asking for money all the time.

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