Wednesday 27 February 2013

We Want To Know..............Really Do You......

 {no. 1} Where is your favorite place to go on vacation, and if you could choose any place to go where would you go?
I would love to go on another cruise maybe around Alsaka but hubby isn't interested
{no. 2} What is your favorite hobby?
For many years the answer was reading, now it is blogging
{no. 3} When you need to get out of the house, what do you do?
Go shopping
{no. 4} What is your go to date night idea?
Dinner at the club followed by playing the pokies
{no. 5} Do you have any tattoos, if so what of and where?
Yes one one my left arm, it's a flower with the name Tim in it
{BONUS} If you have a photo and don't mind showing us, feel free!
Here is a photo of my tattoo

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Home to a nice big bath

I’m home again, and I am glad to be home I have missed my bed and my bath, yes my brother has a bath tub at his place but it isn’t as big as mine. I think because my home was built back in the 70’s is the reason it has a nice big bathtub it seems to me that the size of bath tubs have decreased over the years.

 I know my parents use to have a nice big bath until they had their bathroom upgraded a number of years ago and since then the tub has been a lot smaller. Since I am a big woman I like a big tub yes I could fit into my brother’s bath but it wasn’t the same. 

Kathy-Lee picked me up and brought me home and when she dropped me off Sydney-May said she wanted to stay at nanna’s place for a while so she has been here for an hour or so she is watching Dora and eating hot chips which I made for her lunch. 

As I got home my phone was going off again, it was text messages from Jessica in total she had sent me 14 texts and after I replied telling her I had just got home and was busy she sent another 4 texts all because she wanted me to check something out online for her. So in a space of maybe 15minutes I got 18 text messages from Jessica. 

It’s another hot and muggy day here, so glad to have the air con going and I can tell you when Kathy picks Sydney up I think I might go in and have a nice hot bath.

Yes these photos are of my bath......................

Monday 25 February 2013

Saturday Night I Was Left In The Dark

This was written on Saturday night and I am posting it today Monday…………..

Well it is 7.20pm on Saturday night and the power just went out so since I am in darkness with no candles or anything in way of lighting I have opened up my laptop and decided to write a blog post about stuff like having no power.

I would also like to add that I am homesick for my own bed and bath and for hubby and the rest of the family I didn’t realise how much I like it when they call in during the day. Last night Tim had Little Leo for the night without me and Jessica said she slept at our place instead of going all the way home after her night out, she said couldn't see the point when she had to be back at my place around 9ish to pick Leo up anyway. Tim had to go to work today. 

I have few more photos of Summer to share with you because I am such a proud nanna as usually I look aweful in the photos but that is just me I am very un-photogenic 

My parents and brother are holidaying in Port Macquarie and it has been raining there for a while now in fact mum told me she got a sms from the SES saying they may have to evacuate although when I rang mum around 4.30pm today she said it had stopped raining.  

David’s dog Paris did a pee inside the house not long ago I had let her outside but she did it when she came back inside bet she didn’t want to get her feet wet………lol, oh well it is only  a little pee and it will dry out no point in getting in a tiss over it………

All in all the dogs are good I was able to walk to the front door last night and leave my pizza on the chair and neither of the dogs went near it, which wouldn’t happened at home as both my dogs are food thieves……

I have just put the dogs outside they wanted to go out so they can stay out for a little while.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Daemon is now 1yr old Happy Birthday to my great nephew

Sweet child I remember a year ago today like it was just yesterday! Waking daddy up and him responding with "no no no snooze now" waking up your brother so we could drop him off at his mothers, rushing to the hospital each contraction getting steadily more closer and painful!
I remember the lead up, and holding daddy's hand and him comforting me, and when he had to leave I was scared and then another contraction came and I very awkwardly asked if I could hold the midwives hand, I remember daddy pushing back my hair as I vomited and the look of worry but proudness on his face as I went through that pain, but it was such a short experience after convincing my midwive to let me off the stupid monitor so I could shower I was up against the wall yelling to together that "daemon is coming!!"

I everyone is in disbelief as I was only 6cm dialated,  I crawled back onto that bed and closed my eyes, and pushed you on out, the few minutes they had you to check you were ok after the complications was the most petrifying minutes of my life, but when you were layed down in my arms everything went silent and it was just you and me, you grasped my pinky with your whole hand and snuggled into me, that was the best day of my life........

You were so little and fragile I was just so scared I'd break you it felt like everything I read and already knew had been forgotten, and I was a lost little girl again and then when you latched onto me for the first time that was it, it felt real, I felt strong and confident, I had daddy by my side whispering to me how amazing I was and how proud he was of me.

Through out the past months we have together watched our baby grow and learn amazing new things, I'm so proud of you baby I don't how time went so fast!! Happy first birthday Daemon Joseph  xoxoxo

Written by my niece.............. Kelli-Jayne

Thursday 21 February 2013

Summer is here....................

What a day Summer is here...............yes Summer is you may be wondering what I am on about as here in Aus we are heading out of summer and into autumn but I am not talking about the weather here I am talking about my granddaughter.

Yes my precious first born Kathy-Lee gave birth to her second daughter Summer Dawn at 8.05am this morning. 

Last night well this morning really as it was 2.20am when my mobile rang by the time I got out of bed and found my phone it had stopped ringing so I thought bugga I am going to have to find my glasses and find out who rang. Since we all know you don't get calls at 2.20am unless it is important and I knew what the call would be about, anyway before I had a chance to do anything the phone rang again. It was Michael ringing to tell me that Kathy-Lee was in labour and only 5cm's dilated but thought he would let me know what was happening.

So I go back to bed all excited and 10 minutes later my phone rings again this time it is Kathy ringing to make sure I know to take Sydney to day care today. When I picked Sydney-May up to take her to daycare she was excited when I told her next time she saw mummy, mummy would have Summer with her and not in her tummy.

Anyway i was at the plaza this morning when I sent Michael a text and asked if Summer had been born, this was at 8.45am and I was wondering what was happening he replied and told me that she had been born at 8.05am. I was a little annoy as I would had liked it if he had told me sooner, I couldn't help wondering if I hadn't texted him when would he had told me.

     Summer Dawn

     Born: 08:05 21/02/2013

    Weight: 7 Pound 3 Ounces

    Length: 52 Centimeters

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Not Much This Tuesday Just A Change Of Houses

I am writing this from a different location I am at my brother's place house and dog sitting for him while he is away for a week at Port Macquarie, he owns two cockial spanial dogs one black one brown.

While I am here I have told hubby that he will have to feed our dogs and what did he say, no he doesn't have anything to do with our dogs.......................this has really pissed me off.

So anyway this is going to be like a little holiday for me a bit of a break away from the house, the girls and Tim although I do wonder how I will go sleeping somewhere other then my bed without Tim.

I had to ring mum just after I got here to ask her to bring some Panadine Forter with her tomorrow when she picks me up as I don't have any with me and I have had such a bloody headache for the last few days.

Even though I have a headache I have decided to have a biacardi and coke while I am watching Midsomer's Murders this afternoon after all this is my little break.......

Monday 18 February 2013

Cards, Boots and house sitting

Do you send ecards to people or do you prefer to send a normal card via snail mail, me I do both but have to say I prefer to recieve cards via snail mail when I get a card I place it up on my wall abouve the computer so they can be seen by all. If I recieve an ecard I like to print it out so I can also stick it on the wall above the computer.

I talked about how I wore tights for the first time last Friday and thought I would tell you that when I would wear pantyhose I also wear bike shorts over them becasue my fat thighs rub together and I would end up with chafted sore legs.

Speaking of my fat legs when I was younger and had less fat legs I loved to wear either mid or knee lenght boots but can't do that any more now days if I wear boots I have to wear ankle high boots. How I miss my boots.............:(

Last week my brother rang me and asked if I would do him a favour by house/dog sitting for him from tomorrow till next Tuesday while they go away to Port Macquarie for a holiday. I of course said I would do it, my sister in-law's brother and wife were suppose to do it but cancelled so Dave asked me.  I don't mind but it will feel odd I reckon being alone for a week or that won't feel odd it will be the different house that will feel odd.  Hubby says he will also find it strange to be here without me, he has never been here without me before although I have been alone here a number of times over the years.

Dave said he will leave me his car keys so if I need to go anywhere I can take his car. Tim of course will still need our car as his bike isn't back on the road yet.........

What I will miss I think is all the shows I have recorded here that I watch of a morning but it is only a week and most of the stuff I will be able to watch at Dave's house anyway as he has Foxtel as well. He naturally also has the internet, who doesn't have internet now

Saturday 16 February 2013

This and That

I thought I would share with you some random thoughts I have had yesterday and today, why because I can............

Do you wear stockings, pantyhose or tights or do you prefer knee high stockings or ankle high sock type stockings............I have never worn stockings but have worn pantyhose many times when wearing skirts that come above the knee. When wearing full length dresses and long skirts I like to wear knee high stockings and when wearing long pants I wear the sock type stockings............however for the first time ever yesterday I wore tights under my skirt and yes I think I will wear them again.

Can you wear flat shoes or do they make your legs ache, they make my legs ache and my mum is the same as me she can't wear flats either. I have what I call semi flat shoes meaning the shoe has a small heel on them and this stops my legs from aching. Funny thing is though I can wear thongs without my legs aching although I don't usually wear thongs when I go out shopping.

Are you a card giver or do you think they are a waste of money. I use to always think they were a waste of money but during the last few years I have changed my mind and now give cards all the time in fact I like to take the time to get nice cards.............I no longer mind spending the money on a nice card.

How about calenders do you have 1 or more then 1, I have 4 one in my bedroom and 1 in Tim's office/room and 1 here in the lounge room above the computer and 1 in the second drawer of the desk which I use often.

While I was cooking my rice I started thinking do you go through phases where you want to eat the same food all the time only to find after a few weeks you no longer want the moment I am all into homemade fried rice and been having in ever day for the last week or daughter Jessica can't stand rice when she gets Chinese she gets noodles not rice.

Thursday 14 February 2013

No Motorbike Means No Car For Me........

On Monday Tim took the exhaust pipes off his motorbike and took them into be rechromed this means he has had to take the car to work each day and I can tell you this is bloody annoying..............Today I needed the car for a bit in the morning so Jessica drove her dad to work and I took the car out and left it at the depot afterwards and Kathy brought me home again.

Tomorrow being Friday I have to go shopping and Jessica needs to be taken into Broadmeadow Train Station as she is going to visit a friend who lives around the Casino area which is about 467 kilometers away or 300 miles.  I will have to get Kathy to drive me to Charlestown Square to do my shopping in the morning and she has agreed to leave around 10.45 am and go to Swansea to pick Leo up and drive my niece Kelli over to her sister's place then she will come back and get me and bring me home.

While she is gone we will have Leo thankfully Tim isn't working over the weekend so he will be here to help keep Leo occupied. If I don’t get all my shopping done tomorrow I can go and finish it off on Saturday morning.

Yesterday we had an appointment with Kaleidoscope about Leo; I am not sure what Jessica thought of the appointment. Leo was well behaved during the appointment but I missed a lot of what was said as I didn’t have my hearing aids in. Anyway the people we saw said they will arrange a day to go to the school and discuss Leo’s behavior with them and there may be more appointments with the same people. We were also given another behavior checklist to fill in, a copy for Jes and one for me and one for her to give to the school to fill in.

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