Thursday 27 December 2007

A Holiday

On Boxing Day my parents went away again they will be home around the end of January, they are going to Perth. While they are away I am staying at their house for a week from yesterday (Boxing Day).

I am staying here to have a break from my kids and it is nice to be have a house to myself, I do have to say though that I had a rotten nights sleep last night maybe it was because I was in a different bed or maybe because I didn’t have my C Pap machine as I have no where to plug it in at mums place.

Next week my sister Sue is thinking about coming here for a week then I think I may even come back again for another week if it is alright with mum and dad and Tim as this is the closest I get to a holiday. I should say Tim is saving up so that he and I can go away for a week in a year or so.

At the moment Tim is in Sydney for 5 days working he is driving buses as he is off work for 2 weeks from driving trucks. Tim is not one for taking a lot of time off work.

Last night mum sent me a text message telling me that the air con in the motor home wasn’t working and of cause that sent dad off on a negative rant, however, they where able to get it fixed this morning and it only cost them $100 which made dad happy.

Oh yeah I want to tell everyone that mum bought dad a generator for Christmas to have in the motor home it is powerful enough to run the air con. At first mum was going to get a smaller one but it would be able to run the air con and only Christmas Eve dad was saying how hot it would be when they free camp without the air con so she bought the bigger one instead. She didn’t pick it up until Christmas Eve as she really wanted to surprise dad with it and that she did.

Sunday 23 December 2007

Going to see Tims mum

Only 2 days to go and then we all can breath a sigh of relief for another year.......I am so excited!!!!!

Had a phone call this morning from my sister Sue she didn't have anything to give dad for Christmas so of cause I said leave it to me and went and bought her something to give him.

Went to Sydney yesterday to see Tim's mum she is in a nursing home, anyway his sister Jennifer was there also with her husband and kids would like to say it was great to see all of them but that would be a lie. Tim can't stand his sister or any of his brothers but the visit did go alright his mum looked good and his step father who is also in the nursing home although Tim has never really liked him much either. In fact there is only one member of his family that Tim does like and that is his sister Jenny also know as little Jenny and yes this is a different sister his father gave 2 daughters the same name.

We took Blain and Tasha with us yesterday and once Blain got use to his cousins he had a great time running around playing with them. Although on the trip home he started to get cranky and Tasha then started yelling at him and it was giving me a headache, so I told time to pull over and I swapped seats with Tasha anything to shut her up. We did take Tim's portable dvd player with us so Blain could watch movies on the way.

Also on the way home Blain decided he didn't want to wear his seat belt any more, he is now is a boaster seat and I wanted to get him a harness to wear with his seat belt but Tim didn't think it was important enough, however, he changed his mind on the way home.

Thursday 20 December 2007

Santa is coming and so is Leo soon

My baby girl has only 3 weeks and 4 days time although I wouldn't be surprised if she has bub in the first part of the new year as she has already dropped a bit a little more then a bit in fact.

I just hope she doesn't have him on Christmas Day as I will be drinking on Christmas Day as my mum often makes her own Irish Cream Whisky aka Baileys and it is so yummy.....

There won't be a lot of us on Christmas Day only around 15 people which will make mum happy....We don't have a hot meal although we do have baked potatoes and potato bake the rest of the food is cold. Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Prawns, and salad stuff.

Of cause there will be desert not sure what we will be having for desert yet me and mum will have to figure that out tomorrow at breakie.

Friday 14 December 2007

Up Early

Well an early morning for me Blain stirred and started to cry at 3.30am when Tim was coming to bed and it was 4.30am before he settled down again by then Tim was hogging the covers and I was cold so at 5am I got up and had a hot bath and haven't been back to bed since. I will be having a nanna nap this afternoon I reckon.

Blain slept with me last night as Tasha is very sick with tonsillist and has a fever so I thought I would make sure she got a plenty of rest. I am going to take Blain with me when I go shopping in half an hour. Looks like I may have to go and wake Blain up to get him ready but I will leave it as long as possible before I do that.

Blain turned 2 on Wednesday no party for him although we will have a cake for him on Sunday at lunch , he didn't get a lot of presents but he likes the ones he did get and at 2 it means nothing to him yet.

Blain's dad has gone away on a holiday with his brother and his brothers family and yes Tasha is ok with him going and so am I but he did have to go the weekend Tasha is sick........bugga. I will help he as much as I can while she is sick.

Monday 10 December 2007

Knowing my Place

I have been having some problems with over stepping my bounds with Blain sometimes I am trying to help Natasha but then I realise I have done the wrong thing and should be minding my own business as she is his mother not me.

Like tonight I was in my bedroom putting clothes away and I could hear her getting mad with Blain as he was crying for nanna and she wanted him to settle down ready for bed. So what did I do I came out and took him off her and nursed him and gave him his bottle and he stopped crying and she got mad and went to her room. I realised as soon as I did it that I should have let her deal with him and felt bad, so I took him into her and told her I knew I did the wrong thing.

Tasha was crying saying she feels like Blain never wants her he only wants nanna and that made me feel rotten, I told her I don't mean to interfere and I have been trying not to but sometimes I do it without realising as I just want to help. I know she is the mum and not me and I am really trying to let her be mum. She said it is one reason she didn't want to move home, although she does like it when I help just not all the time.

I will have to keep reminding myself that it is not my place to over rule his mum or to but in when she is dealing with him unless she has asked me to.

Saturday 8 December 2007

A night with just me and Blain

Well looks like tonight is going to be just me and Blain and yes he is suppose to be at his fathers but he has plans and can't have him, slack I reckon but not my place to say anything. Last weekend he went to his girlfriends on the Saturday night and stayed out all night leaving Blain with his house mates and boy was Tasha pissed off when she found out and she wasn't the only one........

Anyway back to me and Blain tonight his mum is over at Wogboys for the night and I said I am willing to have a night just me and Blain. Yes I am to soft I know it but I just don't know how to say no.

At the moment he is running around the house after the dogs and I know I will be wanting an early night so it's ok. He goes back to his fathers tomorrow night well he is suppose to lets just wait and see.

I think it is slack that his other grandmother is always to busy to have him or she is to tired to have him there is always some reason why she can't look after him for a night and in fact both Tasha and Jono have stopped asking her as she has said yes on a number of occasions only to cancel at the last minute.

Wednesday 5 December 2007

Blains sleeping habits

A few minutes ago wogboy went into wake Blain up he does not want to wake up and at the moment is winging behind me and of cause he didn't want to go to sleep when we put him down for a nap. I have told Tasha it is time she started making him have an afternoon nap every day it is something she wouldn't be bothered to do but it is something she needs to do as he gets very cranky of an afternoon and some days it is like he is over tired.

I do have to say wogboy is a good influence on her when it come to Blain, he has a 3 year old son himself and she takes more notice of what he tells her when it comes to Blain then she does me. last night he told her it is time she started putting Blain to bed without laying down with him or she will be laying down with him to get him off to sleep when he is 10 years After him coming out a few times he did go to sleep on his own and he only cried for a little while.

This morning she let me sleep in when I woke up it was 11.30am and I got a shock as it is her pay day and I thought she would be waking me up early to take her shopping. I was glad to get to sleep in.

Sunday 2 December 2007

Dinner and Elton John

Last night Tim took me to work with him and he was driving a bus to and from the Elton John concent. A few weeks ago he asked me if I would like to go out for dinner and to the Elton John concent and I said yes then he said ok come to work with me when I do the concent......

Anyway I went with him last night and I had a great time dinner was at the rugby club in Cessnock and then we went back to the concent I didn't get to see the concent as the bus was way done the end of the driveway but I did get to hear some of it and there was also fireworks near by and they where great.

Tim told me tonight that I should have gone with him tonight as he managed to get into the concent and was sorry I wasn't there with him.

I told Tim I would like to go with him next time he does a concent as I had such a good time and I enjoyed spending time with Tim.

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