Sunday 30 June 2013

It's still raining and thankfully I didn't have to go out

Well it's another cold and wet day here in lovely Warners Bay and I have barely got out of my jammies by that I mean I have put a bra on and took my nightie off but I still have my winter jammies on just with a tshirt instead of a nightgown.............if that makes any sense at all.

Anyway when hubby got up this morning he went over and picked up the trailer and then went over to Kathy's new house and picked her up, he wanted Michael to help him but Michael didn't want to so Kathy went to help her dad instead. They went over to Kathy's old place to pick up a dressing table and a single bed, the dressing table will stay here and the single bed went to Jessica's place for Leo.

Kathy didn't want to get rid of the dresser because it belonged to Chad's grandmother and it went to Sydney after she passed away.

All this was done in the rain of course since it hasn't stopped raining all day, me I stayed here and made room for the dresser in the spare room along with doing a load of washing and putting it in the dryer.

Jessica just rang and asked if she could borrow my car, she is taking Blain & Leo to the drive in and in her car the radio is no longer working she sent the car to be repaired with a working radio and it returns with a working motor and a non working

I have been not in the mood to do much of anything all day which I am blaming it on the weather...................

Saturday 29 June 2013

My day

Well hello everyone what a day I have had, I didn’t have the best night’s sleep why well Little Leo was being difficult he didn’t want to go to bed last night and papa had to carry him into the bedroom and he had a tantrum and was fighting us because we said it was bedtime. This is because he has found a new love, computer games on the Cartoon Network website.  He also kept saying he wanted to stay up till his mum got back here but she wasn’t coming back here for the night and he was just difficult and this meant that I didn’t sleep well as I was listening for him I was worried he would decide to go outside and look for her but he didn’t he just didn’t settle till around 3am yes 3am……..

So I was awake at around 8ish this morning and got up and used the computer for a bit before he woke up and wanted to get onto the Cartoon Network site. 

Jessica arrived around 9.45am to go and pick up her car from the mechanic she had the motor replaced along with the radiator cost was $1,715 it took all the money she had but it had to be done. 

So after they did that Jes and I went to Charlie (Charlestown Square)  which is the shopping centre we go to most of them time to look at the Christmas toy sales, Jes showed me a few things I could get for Leo she wants me to make a layby for her. She left before me and came and got Leo and went home to her place. When I left the centre it took me 35 minutes to drive from level 3 in the carpark where I was parked to level 2 it should take like 2 minutes but no 35 minutes it took me due to the crowd and then it took me only 2 minutes to get out of the carpark once I got onto the right level to exit. 

When I got home the first thing I did was iron Tim’s work shirt so he could head off to work he will not be home till around 10pm I think if not later doesn’t really matter as I will be in bed by the time he gets home.
It is also cold and wet again today so I will be going into have a nice hot bath when I post this as it is now like 4.45pm and if feels later maybe that is because I had such a bad night last night.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Wanting to know about me on Thurday not Wednesay................

What are a few things on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year?
Nothing I don't have a bucket list, why well because I am a drifter in that I just difter through life and take things as they come.
What would you rather have, a short order cook or a maid?
Easy a maid I hate housework
Are there any projects you hope to do this Summer?
Summer is too far off and even if it wasn't the answer is NO because don't do projects..........
What do you want your next big purchase to be?
Does another holdiay count........................if not then I will say ok I have nothing so it will have to be the holiday
Why did you start blogging?
Because my dad had a blog and it looked like I love it..................

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Moving Not Me........Kathy-Lee.............

Kathy-Lee is moving this week ok she is moving tomorrow and she has arranged for professional moves to do the work for them at a cost of like $600 but she felt that it would be impossible for them to find anyone willing to help them move, her dad is working all the bloody time and Michael’s ( her partner) parents also work so they can’t help and his best friend is useless he reckons he has a bad back ok for all I know maybe the guy does have a bad back but so do I……………………….

So she feels like that instead of trying to get someone to help them move it would just be easier to get someone else to do it for them, Michael is taking tomorrow off work to be there to supervise the movers Kathy will be at work making the money to pay for the movers………………

This she hopes will be the last move for a long time if not forever as they are buying a house, in fact it is Michael's parents who are buying the house and Kathy & Michael who will be paying for it. It's a 3 bedroom house and I have driven out and had a look at the place but haven't seen inside it yet I guess I will in time.........

Monday 24 June 2013

Sick and Annoyed

Yesterday I was so sick I spent the day in bed, only getting up in the afternoon to sort out our weekly medications when I was doing this Tim says "you take a lot of tablets" I reply yeah I know and he comes back with " I don't know why you take so much" I tell him to try and stay healthy to which he replies " well they don't work as you are always sick" I then lost it with him and snapped saying I am not always sick and he goes "well you have been in bed sick all day".  So I ask him when was the last time I felt sick enough to stay in bed, he was quiet and said nothing so I answered for him it was last August when I had food poisoning.  He then gets up and wonders down to his office/room to use his computer and watch telly leaving me alone in the lounge room.

No all the tablets I take are not prescription medication I take a lot of vitamins as well and yes this is a photo of my nightly tablets I take only 4 tablets of a morning most I take at night. 

Fast forward an hour and half and I am going back to bed as I am still feeling crook, I walk into his room to say goodnight to him and the room is really warm. He has a small fan heater and it was on so the room was warm, this annoyed me too why you wonder would him having a heater on in his room on a cold day................well I will tell you.

It's because no matter how cold I say it is he will say he doesn't think it's cold and there is no need for a heater so we don't have one to use in the lounge room so at night I am rugged up with two pairs of socks, and long johns under my jammies and a rug over my legs and he goes to his room and turns on a heater..............

When I said something about me using a rug instead of a heater it went over his head and he didn't get that I was annoyed with him.

Today I have still felt less the 100% but I got up and got dressed and even looked after my granddaughters for a couple of hours while Kathy went home and did some housework. When Kathy arrived here she was in a mood and upset because Sydney-May said she didn't love her mum and wanted nanna (me) to be her mummy. I told Kathy I know it hurts when your child says something like that I have had my daughters say it to me, mostly it has been something Kathy has said to me on a number of occasions.

Hell it was only last year that Kathy told me she "hated " me and when she said it she was not angry or upset with me and that hurt more but even now I don't think Kathy gets how much that hurt me. You would think that now that she is a mother she wouldn't say such things to me anymore.

Saturday 22 June 2013


The job of being a fulltime mother is the most important job in the world! A mother is not only the most important job a woman can have it is also the hardest and for ANYONE to suggest otherwise is condescending and offensive!

No one has the right to tell another person how to live their life, if you are happy being a mother and wife then all good

Hold your head high beautiful and when in doubt look at your children and know you are loved and doing a bloody great job...........

Thursday 20 June 2013

Wanting to know about me and amusement parks......................

Are you an amusement/theme park kind of person? {Yes/No}
Yes yes yes I love them and would love to visit some again been years since I have been to one.
If yes, where have you gone? If no, what makes you dislike those kinds of places?
Been to the theme parks in Queensland my favourite was Warners Brothers Movie World.
Do you like to go on roller coasters?
No I am terrifired of open heights
What was the last scary and/or risky thing you did?
I think it would had been a few years back when we went on a snow holiday and my niece convinced me to go on the chair lift to the top..............I was terrified

Wednesday 19 June 2013

It's cold and wet and I feel like shit.................

Oh how sick do I feel? Quite sick if you are interested……………………I am not sure if I will leave the house today in fact right now I don’t even feel like getting dressed.

Kathy has dropped off Summer for me to watch for the day while she is at work, we are not going to the nursing home today maybe tomorrow but mum has an appointment at Wakefield (Dawson’s school) about his progress and what happens for the rest of the yeah.

Michelle (Dawson’s mum) is worried they will say he can’t go there next year and will have to go back to a normal public school as he has been doing really good at school not getting into any trouble and not being sent home or suspended. Mum says stop worrying until you know there is something to worry about, which makes sense to me.

Today is Sydney-May’s first day at her new day care, I hope it all goes well for her one day in the next week or so I would like to go over to the place and meet the staff and see what it is like for myself. Kathy says it is a nice place and in some ways better than the old day care but mostly it is closer to her work and it is a place that takes children for birth so at some point she is going to send Summer for 1 or 2 days a week as she is increasing he days at work to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and doesn’t want me to have to watch her on Friday’s as that is my busy shopping day. In fact she doesn’t want me to watch her Wednesday and Thursday so she is thinking of putting her into day care on the Thursday and getting her sister Natasha and Michael’s mother Jenny to take turns watching Summer on the Friday. I guess we will see what happens over time. 

Oh yeah Tim is off today and I don’t think he is happy about that, he is thinking about going into work as there is some kind of meeting on today and he is also thinking about going to see Jessica to have a chat to her about her car………………which has an oil leak and problems with the radiator we have had two different mechanics look at it one quoted $1500 to replace the radiator and fix the oil lead and some other problem with the motor, the second on quoted closer to $1700 to replace the radiator and replace the motor instead of just repairing it. Jessica doesn’t really know what to do so Tim is going to have a chat with her about what to do, either way it is a lot of money.
Jessica doesn’t think she has a lot of luck with cars and computers and I know the feeling there was a time that Tim and I went through a lot of cars in a short space of time.

Today it is cold and wet and I have a lot of washing to do and think I will be using the dryer as it is raining but oh well at least we have a dryer in fact considering how sick I feel don’t know if I would want to stand at the clothes line in the cold even if it wasn’t raining I really don’t fell like doing much of anything today. Maybe I will feel better as the day goes on but I doubt it……………………….

Monday 17 June 2013

My Mum................

My mum (Mae) is the most amazing woman she is pain 24/7 due to back problems and has to take very strong pain medication in order to get around, however, that doesn’t stop her watching one of her 3yr old granddaughters or her 10mth old granddaughter numerous times during the week she is also the primary care of my 14yr old nephew who has ODD & epilepsy. Not because he has bad parents, he doesn’t but because that is the way it has worked out and he is happiest when he is with his nanna and yes she does spoil him and let him get his own way often. 

Mum along with myself go and visit her mum at the nursing home every single Wednesday, mum also cares for my dad who had lung cancer in 2009 and since then has had many health problems, including memory problems. 

My parents have 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Mum is there for all of us, she doesn’t seem like a 73yr old woman. I think mum is the clue that holds this family together what about the rest of my siblings what do you think…………..

Sunday 16 June 2013

On Ya Bike................or Not...............

When did you last ride a bike?
I haven't ridden a bike in years and would I be able to do so if Ihad to, well NO I do not think I would be able to I more likely to fall off if I tried..............yeah I have heard that once you learn how you never forget and that may be the case but truth be known I don't have the balance I use to have when I was younger.................

Have you ever ridden a motorbike?
Me I have never done so, and in fact I have never had any desire to do so, I have been a passanger on a motorbike when I was younger I remember my dad having a motorbike and he took me to school on the back of his bike and I loved it. 

Tim owns a motorbike and has said he would take me for a ride on it but I no longer interested, in fact I worry about him riding the bike but he calls me a worry wart.............I don't worry much during the day and nice weather but when he is riding the bike at night or in bad weather I can't help it I worry about him.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Dad not Father

What do you think makes a good dad?
Love and compassion are two of the most important things in my opinion, if a man loves his child and has a good measure of compassion then he is less likely to act like a raging bull when things don’t go so smoothly. Now I am not saying that will always be the case even the best dads can act like raging bulls.
Did you have a good dad?
I do, but yes he has a short fuse, and was known to act like a raging bull at times but in the whole he is a good dad. I feel a special closeness to my dad even though mum is my best friend my dad is just so special to me and I have always felt like that about him. 

How does a man know how to be a good dad?
I think he often learns it from his own dad, and his dad doesn’t have to be a good dad he could be a terrible dad and the man might think there is no bloody way I am going to be like him………….my dad’s father was a so so father he has some good points and some bad ones. I like to think that my dad took his father’s good parts.
Did you pick a good father for your children?
I did hubby is a pretty good father he is nothing like his father, who was a terrible father……………when the girls were little he had his moments when I thought what the hell you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. But in the whole he was a good father, he loves his children and will do anything for them.
 What do you call your dad? 
My dad is "dad" but I know others may have a different name for their dad, mayby you call him "father" which to me is a bit stuffy.

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