Wednesday 29 January 2020

Aussie Day Tassie Devil

It's Wednesday or Aussie Day and today I am going to tell you a tad about the Tassie Devil..........

The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial, it was once native to mainland Australia and is now found in the wild only on the island state of Tasmania, including tiny east-coast Maria Island where there is a conservation project with disease-free animals

It got it's name from early European settlers who upon hearing strange screams, coughs and growls decided to investigate they found a dog like animal with red ears, wide jaw and big sharp teeth that they called “The Devil”

Despite their name they are not dangerous, the do not attack people, although they will defend themselves if attacked or trapped. They may look fierce but they will much rather escape than fight. They do, however, have powerful jaws and when they do bite they can cause serious injury

They have a reputation as a fearsome animal, most of the time this is undeserved, except when it comes to mating season.

Between February and April, mating can be incredibly aggressive, with male and female devils prone to biting one another both during and after the act.

The maximum Tasmanian devil lifespan is about 8 years in the wild. However, very few devils will live that much longer as most die before 5 years of age. The average lifespan of Tasmanian is about 3 to 4 years.

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Kangaroo Rat

Here we are at another Tuesday or creature day and today's creature you may think by it's name that it would be an Aussie post. The creature is the Kangaroo Rat it isn't found here but is usually found in Southwest U S A, it's name is due to the fact that it hopes like a Kangaroo.

They are generally found in desert type areas as the heat and lack of water are not a problem this is because it doesn't need to drink water. That's because its body has a clever way of making the water it needs from the food it eats, mostly seeds with a few leaves and insects.

Now creatures lose water in their breath, by weeing and of course while sweating but this little rat doesn't sweat, pant and hardly ever wees, as it needs to keep every drop it can.

Predators such as owls, coyotes, snakes and wild cats all love to eat the kangaroo rat, and that's where the kangaroo part comes in as when in danger this rat uses its back legs to spring up to 2metres or 6 feet away and between hopes it freezes stone still thus making it hard to see.

This little rat is only 30cm's or 1ft long and weights only 92grms

Monday 27 January 2020

Australia Day Facts

Hello all here we are on the 27th January the Australia Day public holiday and being Monday I am doing five facts about Aussie Day.

Australia Day marks the arrival of the first fleet in 1788

In 1838, 50 years after the First Fleet arrived, Foundation Day was declared Australia's first public holiday in New South Wales. By 1935, January 26 was known as Australia Day in all states except New South Wales, where it was still called Anniversary Day.

It is a public holiday, and the significance of the day differs amongst the nation's population.

The first Australia Day: 30 July 1915. ... It was the original Australia Day, a national event to raise funds for troops wounded at Gallipoli. The date we now call Australia Day, January 26, to celebrate the British settlement of Australia in 1788, was in those days called Foundation Day.

For some it is a day of family for some it is a day off work, for others it is a good day to work and earn double the hourly rate, which is why Tim likes to work public holidays.

Sunday 26 January 2020

Diary Week 4

I got up at 6.10am after a somewhat restless night and the first thing I did was get dressed and open the doors except the front door would not open.
I then decided to vacuum out
Washed all the floor mats twice to get them clean.
Also did a load of washing.
Been a good day.

Up at 6am and tidy kitchen and took medication then used the Wii Fit for the first time in 690 days going to start using it first thing again at the moment all I could manage was body test where it checks your weight and BMI but it is a start.

I had to go back to bed at 7am but only laid there for 15 minutes. I had to get Tasha to help me get ready for aqua.

After aqua I had a shower and afterwards Jess helped me get dressed.

She received a letter from her GP something about Leo on the bottom there was a note saying he had an appointment at Wallsend at 3pm since she didn't know anything about it we rang and asked about they knew nothing about any appointment. So a good thing we rang and just didn't turn up.

Tim had a CT scan on his nose and they found something like liquid blocking his nostrils. So there is a problem.

I woke at 6.30am after another restless night, had another dream in which Tim didn't love me although on the plus side in the dream I was walking normal without pain.
Tasha drove me to the doctors he appointment went well got my script and he checked the mole it is nothing to worry about . He has referred me to the Royal to see someone about my incontinence.

After that I went to see Karen Burns about my feet. After I explained how much my feet sweat and having them suddenly start sweating she got why I prefer to go barefoot. She could see how my feet could slip and slide in my shoes.
Asked Tasha to come down at 6pm to put me to bed.

I got up at 6.30 and got dressed and used the Wii Fit but not for long.
Jess dropped off Leo at 10am, she had to go into work to get her run sheet for the year.
Kelli is going to help her clean her house, Leo would be under foot
It has been a stinking hot day

She arrived at 3pm to get Leo and left again at around 4.30pm to head home

Up at 6am again, got dressed straight away then used the Wii Fit before Sandy rang to tell me that Mum had a bad night and that she stayed the night with Mum.

Mum rang me around 9am and told me all Sandy told me earlier but at least hearing her I could tell she was sick but not too bad.

When Tim g ot up I had him cut off a pair of my leggings to wear them as shorts to check wear tomorrow.

It is a very hot day, Tasha rang to on me and told me to drink water between drinks of Pepsi,
Jessica picked up my scripts for me and after she left I attempted to hem the pants I had Tim cut off this morning. I failed at first but kept at it and at last succeed.

At 2.30pm the air con in the kitchen started blowing hot air, it does this because of how hot it was around 42 degrees Celsius outside and the air con had been on since 7am.

Up at 6am to find it still about 29 degrees I turned the air con on at 6.30am and it was working fine.

Jess took me shopping while Leo went to work with Papa. Mum didn't go shopping as she is still not well.

At lunch time it is still 28 degrees, Tim and Leo here, Tim will be going back to work at 4.15pm finishing 8.45pm.

Cool enough to turn the air con off according to Tim I would have left it on a little longer.
Tasha said she would be down by 5.30 but went out and it is now 6 and she is still not home.

Going to be another hot night.

I had a sleep in till 7.30, woke up in pain, it was around my tailbone sprayed some ice spray on it.

Kathy-Lee arrived around 10ish with the shopping, I was planning a birthday lunch for Tim. However, yet again it didn't go to plan, Jess & Leo arrived around 10.30 but she tells me that at 11.30 they had to go out but would be back by 12.30 for lunch. Then Kelli rang and asked if she could watch Daemon & Freya for a bit which was ok not a problem.
Jess rings and said that their appointment had been pushed back and she will now be here around 1.15-30.

Tasha went out to help a friend when I asked if she would be here for lunch all she said was “ok be home soon” the last time she would be home soon she arrived 4hrs later.
I am feeling let down again, this the third year in a row this type of thing has happen on Tim's birthday.

I feel like why do I bother.
Tasha arrived at 1 and Jess at 1.25.
Kathy left at 1.50.

I said sorry to my girls via text message and all three forgot to help the bed.
Tasha came down at 5pm to help me but I said it was too early as I want to have a shower at 6 before going to bed. She was going out and will not be back for a while.
Tim got his sewing machine out and fiddle with it in order to get it to work. He has taken up Leo's school pants. Then the machine started playing up again.
I had a shower and Tim helped me get ready for bed.

Thursday 23 January 2020

Thursday's Thought

May our lives be
illumined by the
steady radiance
renewed daily,
of a wonder,the
source of which
is beyond reason

Dag Hammarskjold

Wednesday 22 January 2020


However, this was unsuccessful and Parwill failed to gain momentum across the country. It would take Fred Walker 14 years of perseverance and a change back to the original Vegemite brand for Australians to embrace what would later become an Australian icon.

Following the successful promotion, the Vegemite brand gained official product endorsement from the British Medical Association in 1939 and began advertising in the British Medical Journal. Medical professionals and baby care experts were even recommending Vegemite spread as a Vitamin B rich, nutritionally balanced food to their patients.

By 1942, exactly twenty years after it was first developed, the Vegemite brand had become a staple food in every Australian home and in every Australian cupboard.

During World War II the Armed Forces were buying Vegemite spread in bulk, due to the product’s nutritional value. Fred Walker’s company had to ration the spread on a per capita basis across Australia in order to meet the demand. It’s well known that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and so the reduced supply of that special Vegemite flavour grew in the hearts of Australians.

In 1954, a trio of bright, energetic youngsters burst into song on radio to a toe-tapping jingle named ‘Happy Little Vegemites’. Two years later, Kraft Foods developed the infectious song into a television campaign, which continued intermittently through to the late 1960s. For the next decade, Australians were informed through advertising of the nutritional benefits of Vegemite spread for people of all ages, and it wasn’t until the dawn of the 1980s when the original ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ commercials, re-mastered and colourised, were broadcast to an entire new generation of Australians.

However, other nationalities have trouble with it they spread it too thick, we only generally use a very small amount yes there are some who use a lot but not many as thick Vegemite is yuck.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

African Spiny Mouse

Well here we are at another Tuesday afternoon, it is stinking bloody hot again, so this weeks creature is the African Spiny Mouse they are found in Africa of course and being a mouse they are small only 8cm long and 18grams weight.

These small creatures are remarkable because they can completely regenerate themselves if damage so imagine the shock another creature which see it as food when it grabs the mouses back and its skin comes right off in one big piece allowing the mouse to get away.

Now you would think that would hurt but it doesn't seem to, in fact the skin has a built in system that lets the skin tear off easily. It only takes a short while for the wound to shrink to one-twentieth the size and new skin, fur and spiny spikes grow over in just days.
Also as an extra way to stay safe is if they are grabbed by the tail if it is pulled hard it will just come off. I do not think it regrows though.

They are not great pets.

Monday 20 January 2020

Did you know Facts No 1

Here we are at another Monday which means it is did you know day.

British soldiers were nickname “Tommies” in WW1 because of the example name on the forms to become a soldier was Thomas Atkins.

The worlds oldest existing restaurant opened in Kai-Feng China in 1153

The shortest British Monarch was Charles 1 he was 4 ft 9in

It takes human eyes about an hour to fully adapt to the dark, once they have adapted, however, the eyes are about 100,000 times my sensitive to light than they are during daylight hours.

The first parachute jump from an aeroplane was made by Captain Berry at St Louis Missouri in 1912

Sunday 19 January 2020

Diary week 3

I woke at 5.50am but found Leo asleep on the lounge room floor, so went back to bed. It took ages to fall back asleep and when I did I had another strange dream. I finally got up and dressed at 7.45am.

Leo rode his bike down the rode to post some letters for me.
He managed to fall off his bike 2 times today the second time I had to ring Tasha to help him get up as he was laying on the front lawn, she came down with a man named Matt some guy she knows.

It has been a lovely cool day I have had the front and back doors open.
Leo asked if he can have this pineapple drink and you just say yep, then he starts to laugh and you look and he is holding a pineapple vodka cruiser. You then say no and he goes away, he comes back saying how about this pineapple drink and you say no but this time it is pineapple soft drink that of course he can have.

Up at 6.40am and opened the house, Leo is sleeping on his bedroom floor. I am going to aqua.

Aqua was good, had a shower when I got home.
Jessica arrived to get Leo around 1.15pm and left at 2pm. He took his bike home with him.
Been a lovely day,

A new day and I was up and dressed at 6.30am, opened the house up as usual.
Liarna's 10th birthday, sent her a text via her dad's phone.
Blain is at his mum today/night while his Dad and Kelli go out.
Tim told me he bought me a motorised scooter from a place online and it still hasn't arrived, so he tried ringing them but it rang out, he tried to email them with no reply, he is worried he has been had.

Mum told me Michelle l has to take Landon to see a paediatrician and it is going to cost $300. This is because he was misbehaving at school a lot.

Awake up and dressed by 6.05am still cool this morning, I opened the house up as usual. What I do have is a headache but there is paracetamol in with my morning tablets.
Tim heard from the company he bought the scooter from it will be sent in 48hrs so it may all be good we will see.

Saw Jono when he picked up Blain he is back at his dad's for 10 days.
Leo here for an hour or so while his mum went into work for a bit.
Tasha came down at 4.30pm and got me ready for bed as she had to go out I will go to bed later.

I got up at 5.50am and got dressed in the lounge-room so as to not disturb Tim
Had to turn the air con on at 10am.
Around 1pm we had a storm didn't cool things down though, well not straight away

I woke at 4.20 am to pee and then at 6.20am for the day it was cool and overcast so the house was pretty dark, making me surprised that it wasn't much earlier.
Managed to dress myself and do my own make-up, Tasha came and helped me with my earrings.

Jessica took me to Charlie and stayed and helped, Leo stayed he with Papa.
Jess bought Leo's school stuff and is leaving it here.
Had rain on and off all day, it's great.
Got some awesome photos from Kathy-Lee of their holiday
Up & dressed by 6.30, after a restless night woke up a few times but at 6.20 I woke with a headache so got up to take pain relief and decided to stay up.
Jessica will be here soon she is doing a wine tour, it is cool and raining so quite dark outside. We have Leo for the day.

Tim is picking up the shopping today as Kathy is still driving back from Qld.
Stopped raining around lunch time.

Jess arrived at 5ish to get Leo she stayed for close to an hour and was laughing and joking with her dad.

Tasha came at 4.30 to help me get ready for bed.

Thursday 16 January 2020

Thursday's Thought

There is beauty in the forest
When the trees are green and fair,
There is beauty in the meadow
When the wildflowers scent the air.
There is beauty in the sunlight
And the soft blue beams above.
Oh, the world is full of beauty
When the heart is full of love.

This is what I have asked of God for you:
that you will be encouraged and knit
together by strong ties of love

The Book Of Colossians


Wednesday 15 January 2020

Aussie Day..........Dingo

Hello everyone, Wednesday here and for a while Wednesday is going to Aussie Day last year I told you a bit about some Aussie animals such as the Emu, Kangaroo, Koala, Platypus, Quokkas, Salties the Swiift and Wombat. However, there are many more Aussie things, creatures and stuff to write about.

Let us now look at the Dingo, it looks like a normal dog, however, it is our largest carnivorous mammal. They are around 20 kgs and stand around 60cm'sthey can be found around most of the country except Tassie. They can for between 5-10yrs.

They have a longer muzzle, larger pointed ears and sharper teeth then normal dogs. They are wild dogs that feed mainly on small animals. For the most part of its life, a dingo stays alone, but during mating season it is known to mingle with other wild dogs and hunt in packs of three to twelve animals.

They do bark, but not like domestic dogs their barks are generally harsher, and given in short bursts. Domestic dogs will bark anytime, anywhere, for anything.


Tuesday 14 January 2020

Polar Bear

Another week another creature this weeks creature is the polar bear, which at 3m or 10ft tall and weighing up to 1000kgs or 2200lb on its hind legs the polar bear is the biggest most powerful carnivore to walk the land.

They also have some powerful weapons in their enormous paws each up to 30cm or 12in across, with five strong, sharp, curved claws. Its massive jaws have long sharp teeth for slicing through the thick, blubbery skin of seals which is its favourite food.

If it feels threatened it will use its ferocious hunting skills to defend itself, no wonder that whenever a polar bear wanders into an Arctic town a warning goes out and people stay indoors.

They are nosy and curious and like to investigate human settlements for food, once a film crew were trapped inside a hut for several hours while a nosy polar bear pressed its face up against the window.

Monday 13 January 2020

Did you know No 1

Well here we are at another Monday afternoon and you know what that means, more did you know facts that mostly true but who knows sometimes I may goof and post an untrue facts......

In the 1900'2 a hunter in Uganda was sough by local authorities for illegally hunting gorillas. He was shooting them with a tranquilliser gun and dressing them in clown suits . Six adult gorillas were found wandering around in this condition

In October 2000 a cat named Fufu ran away from home after its owners bought a dog into the house some time later the dog died the day after that happen Fufu returned home with a new mate and kitten, that was 8 years later 2008.

The people killed most often during a bank robbery are the robbers.

Napoleon carried chocolate on all his campaigns

Milk chocolate was invented by Daniel Peter, who sold his concept to his neighbour Henri Nestle'

Sunday 12 January 2020

Diary Week 2

Here we are at 10.30 am on Sunday morning and it is time for my diary post..

I got up at 6.30am, Tim got up just afterwards and got ready for work. Kathy-Lee and the girls picked me up and drove me to Mum's.
While there her phone was on the table and there was a strong wind so I went to move the paper plates and somehow managed to knock her phone off the table and her screen smashed. I feel awful.
Kathy-Lee left before me so Kelli drove me home when I was ready.
Dave had to feed me the ice cream cake, due t o the shaking causing me to drop it between the plate and my mouth.
It isn't as hot today.

I was up at 6am and had a shower before getting dressed.
It is a much cooler day with some rain as well, just not enough.
I dropped and broke my Christmas cup.
This afternoon Tim cut my hair so much better. I do not like longish hair.

This morning if woke to go to the toilet at what I thought was 4.20am, however, I must have been wrong as Tim was still in bed and didn't get up for work. He did get up and go to work at 4.30 but it was hours after my trip to the loo. At 5.10 I woke up again, went to the loo again and tried going back to bed but I just laid there so I got up at 6ish.
Tim home at 9.45am to 1.30pm, I had a lay down at 12ish till Jess rang. She had received an email saying her Big W order had been delivered but only half of the order is here. The other half should be delivered either this afternoon or in the morning.
Mum told me that Micheal wants Dawson to get a Centrelink loan for her, $900 I hope he doesn't make that mistake again.

Leo's birthday he is 12 now, I sent him a birthday message.
I am not feeling well today.
The bike Jessica ordered for Leo arrived just before Papa got home for work and he said he would put it together but there was a problem with it and she had to return it to Big W and had to get a different one. Which Papa did put together it is blue.

Up at 7am after a horrible nights sleep, woke up confused but after a while I was ok.
Tim rang at 7.45 to tell me he left his wallet in his shorts and that Tasha was going to come get it and take it to the bus stop near Pring St
Mum told me that Dawson told his mum he is sick of her abusive and wants nothing with her till she grows up.
I have been dripping in sweat all day and it's a coolish day.

Up at 6.30am again, Tim up at the same time. I had a shower and Tim helped me get dressed.
Kathy sent me a message telling me that it will cost $320 to fix her phone. She is blaming mum/nana.
Of course mum doesn't feel like she did anything and blames it on the wind.
Tim & I are joining Jess & Leo for a trip to the army museum at Singleton.
Kelli, Daemon & Freya joined us and it was great having them with us.
We offered to take Blain with us but he was in a mood as he had stayed up all night
I woke up at 6am with a headache, so tried going back to bed but was up by 6.30 am still with a bad headache.
A much cooler day, I have opened the doors and windows to let the breeze through.
Jessica has work taking people to the Elton John concert tonight and again tomorrow night. So we have Leo for the weekend.
He has been inside most of the time as Georgia is at her grandparents and he is avoiding her.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Cape Buffalo

Have you heard of a Cape Buffalo?

The are related to a domestic cows and kinda looks like them except they're about twice the size are far stronger and a lot more indestructible.

Animals that mooch around mulching grass can be easy prey for big cats or hyenas, so to stay safe buffaloes have an array of super tough defences such as sharp hooves, massive horns and in males a bony plate covering the skull.

When in danger Cape buffaloes will get together in a circle with their calves in the middle making it hard for predators to surround them.

Buffaloes especially young ones are often targeted by hungry lions who team up to hunt and catch them but the buffaloes aren't going down without a fight. Adults have been seen kicking and trampling lions to scare them off and rescue a baby buffalo.

They are bad tempered and if annoyed they make sure to get their revenge. In the past wild game hunters told tales of buffaloes being wounded then sneaking around behind the hunter later and charging at him to get their own back.

Monday 6 January 2020

Did You Know 1

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well, this morning I am not so well but at least it isn't hot and we have had some rain just not enough. Well here are this weeks did you know facts.

Air-filled tyres were used on bicycles before they were used on motorcars.

In 1913 a Russian airline became the first to introduced a toilet on board

In 1620 a Dutch inventor Cornelius van Drebbel launched the worlds first submarine in the Thames.

Over 2,500 left handed people are killed each year from using products made for right handed people.

Pablo Picasso left 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints & engravings, 34,000 book illustrations and 300 works of sculpture and ceramics.

Sunday 5 January 2020

Diary Week 1

I woke at 5.20am but decided to go back to bed for a bit and ended up not getting up till 6.50am. Tim was up and getting ready for lunch.
Going to be another bloody stinking hot day, turned the air con on at 8.30am.
Asked Tasha to bring me bread and smokes at 10am by 2pm I was having a breakdown because I felt/feel like she is putting others before me.
Just as I started to cry Blain walked in with the bread, he went back and told his mum I was crying. She came down and we talked and hugged and she made me a peanut butter sandwich.

Up at 5.50am Tim was up and getting dressed for work. It is going to another very hot day.
Jessica arrived at 11am to drop off Leo while she went and arranged for a new cage for their bunnies. He didn't want to join her while she drives Daemon home.
Leo started asking when his Mum would be here alt around I ended up sending her a text, which she didn't reply to.
Tim got home at 3.50pm, Leo ran outside as soon as he heard the motorbike, he absolutely adores his Papa.
She finally arrived at 5.30pm, she was with her friend Cassie who had been helping her get the house ready for the guinea pigs.
My BGL dropped to 3.8 during the day.

Ok last day of 2019 and I am ready to kick to the kerb.
I was awake, up and dressed by 6.30am and had to turn the air con on by 7am it is that warm.
Leo is here tonight, he was in two minds about staying but Jess turned up with him at about 2.30pm.
Tim got home at 2pm and was hot and cranky I asked him what was up and he snapped about the fact I had the curtain drawn to block out the heat. I told him to build a bridge, which he didn't like.
Tasha has been out all day doing stuff for or with Alex.
Been so bloody hot all day

Last night Mum went over to Dave's for the night/
I kicked off 2020 by waking around 5am and being unable to get back to sleep I decided to get up at 5.20am.
I opened up the house and sat in quiet while I checked my messages and Facebook. At 6.50 Tim got up and left for work at 7.15am.
Jessica arrived at 10am to get Leo and brought me Macca's.
At around 1pm Tasha dropped off a choc mud muffin, when I said dropped off she walked in and tossed it on the table she was in a right mood. She said it wasn't me of course I knew that, she vented a bit before she left.
I wrote a letter to my family about my health.
Mum said when I spoke to her that she a good night at Dave's she didn't get to bed till 1.30am.

Up and dressed at 6.15am, it was really dark outside and there is a nice breeze outside. I have opened the house up again.
Tim home at 10.15 for 3plus hours then he goes back to work for a couple of hours.
We are at last getting new neighbours in unit 15, a young family according to Tasha.
Been a nice cool day all day but no rain.

I woke at 6.45, I got myself ready including my make up but I needed Tasha to do my ear rings. I wore my black thong sandals but when I got to Charlie I knew I had made a mistake so Jess removed them and tossed them in the bin, so no more wearing them.
We left Leo at home here while we went shopping and he rang his mum to complain that the smoke detector was pipping. It had stopped by the time I got home.
When I got home Tim was home and he hadn't turned the air con which I was annoyed by. I turned it on.

I had a little sleep in getting up at 7am, today it is going to be stinking bloody hot day. I had a shower when I got up.
Tim is off and decided to change the oil filter, he had to go to Supercheap to get a spanner and then he had to go back for another part. He is getting frustrated because he cannot get it off. In the end he gave up and just refilled the oil.
Got as hot as 45 degrees today, still in the high 30's when I got ready for bed.

Time to post.

Thursday 2 January 2020

Hello 2020

As the year is starting, I want to say I hope everyone I know has a great 2020 with more highs then lows in their lives.

As everyone knows my Dad died in 2019 as did Tim's father sad times let's hope there are no more sad times or deaths in 2020.

Life is good, my heart beats and I am loved. Even if my body is failing. 

BPD & Physical Symptoms

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