Sunday 5 January 2020

Diary Week 1

I woke at 5.20am but decided to go back to bed for a bit and ended up not getting up till 6.50am. Tim was up and getting ready for lunch.
Going to be another bloody stinking hot day, turned the air con on at 8.30am.
Asked Tasha to bring me bread and smokes at 10am by 2pm I was having a breakdown because I felt/feel like she is putting others before me.
Just as I started to cry Blain walked in with the bread, he went back and told his mum I was crying. She came down and we talked and hugged and she made me a peanut butter sandwich.

Up at 5.50am Tim was up and getting dressed for work. It is going to another very hot day.
Jessica arrived at 11am to drop off Leo while she went and arranged for a new cage for their bunnies. He didn't want to join her while she drives Daemon home.
Leo started asking when his Mum would be here alt around I ended up sending her a text, which she didn't reply to.
Tim got home at 3.50pm, Leo ran outside as soon as he heard the motorbike, he absolutely adores his Papa.
She finally arrived at 5.30pm, she was with her friend Cassie who had been helping her get the house ready for the guinea pigs.
My BGL dropped to 3.8 during the day.

Ok last day of 2019 and I am ready to kick to the kerb.
I was awake, up and dressed by 6.30am and had to turn the air con on by 7am it is that warm.
Leo is here tonight, he was in two minds about staying but Jess turned up with him at about 2.30pm.
Tim got home at 2pm and was hot and cranky I asked him what was up and he snapped about the fact I had the curtain drawn to block out the heat. I told him to build a bridge, which he didn't like.
Tasha has been out all day doing stuff for or with Alex.
Been so bloody hot all day

Last night Mum went over to Dave's for the night/
I kicked off 2020 by waking around 5am and being unable to get back to sleep I decided to get up at 5.20am.
I opened up the house and sat in quiet while I checked my messages and Facebook. At 6.50 Tim got up and left for work at 7.15am.
Jessica arrived at 10am to get Leo and brought me Macca's.
At around 1pm Tasha dropped off a choc mud muffin, when I said dropped off she walked in and tossed it on the table she was in a right mood. She said it wasn't me of course I knew that, she vented a bit before she left.
I wrote a letter to my family about my health.
Mum said when I spoke to her that she a good night at Dave's she didn't get to bed till 1.30am.

Up and dressed at 6.15am, it was really dark outside and there is a nice breeze outside. I have opened the house up again.
Tim home at 10.15 for 3plus hours then he goes back to work for a couple of hours.
We are at last getting new neighbours in unit 15, a young family according to Tasha.
Been a nice cool day all day but no rain.

I woke at 6.45, I got myself ready including my make up but I needed Tasha to do my ear rings. I wore my black thong sandals but when I got to Charlie I knew I had made a mistake so Jess removed them and tossed them in the bin, so no more wearing them.
We left Leo at home here while we went shopping and he rang his mum to complain that the smoke detector was pipping. It had stopped by the time I got home.
When I got home Tim was home and he hadn't turned the air con which I was annoyed by. I turned it on.

I had a little sleep in getting up at 7am, today it is going to be stinking bloody hot day. I had a shower when I got up.
Tim is off and decided to change the oil filter, he had to go to Supercheap to get a spanner and then he had to go back for another part. He is getting frustrated because he cannot get it off. In the end he gave up and just refilled the oil.
Got as hot as 45 degrees today, still in the high 30's when I got ready for bed.

Time to post.


  1. "I told him to build a bridge" hee hee!

    I had a friend once who tried for an hour or so to get an oil filter off. Absolutely destroyed it, all the oil came out around it. Then, and only then, did he figure out he was turning it backwards and it came right off...

  2. I cannot stand thongs. Underwear or shoes! BOTH to the bin. Never to be bought again.

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