Tuesday 7 January 2020

Cape Buffalo

Have you heard of a Cape Buffalo?

The are related to a domestic cows and kinda looks like them except they're about twice the size are far stronger and a lot more indestructible.

Animals that mooch around mulching grass can be easy prey for big cats or hyenas, so to stay safe buffaloes have an array of super tough defences such as sharp hooves, massive horns and in males a bony plate covering the skull.

When in danger Cape buffaloes will get together in a circle with their calves in the middle making it hard for predators to surround them.

Buffaloes especially young ones are often targeted by hungry lions who team up to hunt and catch them but the buffaloes aren't going down without a fight. Adults have been seen kicking and trampling lions to scare them off and rescue a baby buffalo.

They are bad tempered and if annoyed they make sure to get their revenge. In the past wild game hunters told tales of buffaloes being wounded then sneaking around behind the hunter later and charging at him to get their own back.


  1. That last fact was scary! Hope you and your family are safe from those horrible fires. Praying for your beautiful country.
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Hi Jo-Anne - I've been lucky enough to see them in southern Africa ... cheers Hilary

  3. I've heard of water buffalo, but not a Cape Buffalo. I wouldn't want to mess with them!

  4. Very interesting! I love this. We have a tv show here called Dr. Pol - and he works with large and small animals. You have a teaching blog. sandie

  5. The American bison or buffalos are similar. They will protect their young in a circle from wolf packs here, etc. They are big and bold critters! :)

  6. I well remember these beasts from Wild Kingdom. Pretty sure Marlin Perkins was scared of them.

  7. Can't blame them for that whole revenge thing, especially when they have weapons attached to their heads.

  8. I've heard of Cape Buffalo before, but only the name. What you wrote is all I know about them. Thank you! I love learning new things :)

    I pray you and your family are not touched by the massive bushfires. Other than the awful smoke. That's hard to escape.

  9. I have seen our local buffaloes from a distance when we drove past. They are big too.

  10. Joanne......Agreed they are awfull but we are safe here in Newie

    Hilary....That's cool

    Kea.......Me either

    Sandie.....I find facts about animals and such interesting

    Rita......Didn't know that

    Chris.......Wildlife shows are so interesting

    Karen.....So true

    Carol........Thank you for your prays

    Nancy.......How cool

  11. GOOD on them. They are rather homely looking I have to say.

  12. I definitely would not want to anger these beasts!

  13. I've heard of these animals. I've never seen one but if I do, you can bet I'll give it a wide Berthe.

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