Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Baby Update

I just had to yell at Blain he likes to have a bottle (not a baby bottle) of water and that's ok when he drinks it but he just asked for it so he could tip it out and have it run down his chest and tummy. He really doesn't like it when I go mad at him but that is something he will have to get use to while he is living here.

We just had a home visit from the midwife it is the 4th time a visit has been arranged for her but the only time that she has had a visit as the midwife cancelled 3 times and once Jes forgot about it and wasn't home. These visits can be good but also at times I wonder what is the point.

The midwife was asking about the baby's father and that is real complicated but she wanted to know stuff so we told her but she got confused and I thought well you wanted to know. We told her it was complicated.

Jessica is now 32 weeks so it is slowly getting close but as I said to Jessica just think about getting through Christmas after that New Years and then it will be really close...........

She has bought everything she needs the only thing we really need to do is get the cot mattress which will make her feel better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-Anne. Ahhh, little toddlers can be such ratbags! Bella completely covered herself in yoghurt last night. She had is in her hair and all over the couch! YUK!

OOOh, not long now before a new baby! It can be so exciting and yet so bloody scary at the same time!! My neighbour is 13weeks along with baby number 5!

Cheers! :)

Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne,

Oh what fun, oh what a mess could be worse you know as Beck has experienced - yoghurt -

Not long then for a new baby to arrive, I do hope everything goes well.

Take care,


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