Friday, 16 November 2007

45 Today

Well it is D day or should that be B day I am now 45 and what a day I have had, I got lots of nice presents 4 new tops 1 pair of shorts some bath stuff a dragonfly pin and Imari perfume stuff as well. I love everything especially the pin it is a blue pin and it is great I got that from my parents along with the Imari stuff.

I went out for lunch with my parents, sisters, daughters, grandson, husband and even Kathy's man Chad came. We only went to club Panthers but it was great after eating I went and played the pokies with mum and after she drove Tasha home with Jessica it was a great day.

At lunch Sandra and Sue said I shouldn't be having Blain tonight since it's my birthday and I should be able to relax and have a few drinks without having to worry about Blain. So I told Tasha that I wouldn't be having him and she was not happy as she said she had made plans to go out and Sue said that her and Kathy wouldn't have him either. After getting home I started feeling bad and rang Tasha and said I would have him but she said Kathy had just left with him so I sent Kathy a text telling her that if she didn't want to have him she could bring him to me for the night. As yet I haven't heard from Kathy so I have no idea what is happening Tasha told me to have a drink and just forget about it all and if Kathy turns up with Kathy then she does.

Kathy bought me a cheesecake from the Cheesecake shop it is just a plain cheesecake and I love it, I will have to share it with my family.

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