Saturday, 15 December 2012

Thank You Doesn't Seem Enough

First up today is that I would like to say sorry for not being around much the last couple of days, there has just been so many things to do mostly shopping and on Thursday I went with mum and dad to Dawson's presentation day and Friday was flat out shopping and then this morning I had to go and do more shopping and now I have to sort through what I have bought but moring on to the reason for todays post.
What do you say when Thank You doesn’t seem enough, this is how I feel about the birthday gift I received in the mail by my wonderful blog friend Bethany: this is a couple of photos but they are not the best but anyway not to worry.

The gift was a gift certificate from Indulgences Beauty Therapy: now I knew she was getting me a gift ceritifcate but I was only expecting it to be maybe $20 or $30 and what do I get a $100 voucher damn when I saw it I felt like crying. 

I have since told everyone about the gift certificate I am so bloody excited and there is no way I can ever thank Bethany enough for her generosity all I can do is say a big thank you. I am one lucky woman………………


  1. Wow! That is a generous gift and one you will enjoy~

  2. I hope you pamper yourself. What a wonderful kind thing.

    1. I will be and she is such a wonderful online friend

  3. You are so deserving my friend. Bethany is such generous and kind spirit too. Enjoy your pampering and Merry Christmas. :)


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