Friday, 14 January 2011

Back Home Again

On Boxing Day my youngest daughter moved back home with her son she says she hopes to be in her own place by May. Now this daughter as a habit of fighting with her father something awful so when she moved home I thought to myself "how long before the fighting starts".

Well last Tuesday I got my answer it started because she asked her father to not let her son out the front unless he was going to go outside and watch him and he had a smart ass comeback which pissed her off and she told him he was acting like a effing child and I have to say he was acting like a child. It all blew over reasonable quick she went out an hour or so after the argument and before she left they made up. I however do not think it will be the last fight they have knowing the both of them.

Because she was pissed off with her dad she posted of Facebook that he was acting like an effing child and this caused my sister in-law to leave a comment telling my girls to grow up and realise how lucky they are to have parents who do so much for them and that got up my girls nose and she had to responed leaving a nasty comment. It ended with my eldest saying that she thought things had gotten out of hand and I have to agree.

I do like having them here as she is a help when it comes to the housework and she does chip in for food but doesn't pay rent/board or anything towards Foxtel and internet but thats ok we don't expect anything would rather her save her money.


  1. Jo-Anne if I may be honest and straighforward with you, I think it's great that you are helping your daughter but you certainly don't have to tolerate walking on eggs and witnessing the arguing. It's not good for her son either. I lived in this turmoil with my son and my husband for years and finally I asked my son to leave. Facebook is not the place to air dirty laundry either. That seems childish too on her part. They sound much alike!! Hope I didn't offend you. But you don't deserve the stress.

  2. We have our children for life, and we mums will do anything to help our children..well most of us mums will :)

  3. Hi Barb

    No you didn't offend me in least i agree with you I do not need the stress thankfully they have only had the one fight.

    I do not think it is right to air dirty laundry on Facebook either but when I said that to my daughter she was like what dirty laundry I didn't put photos of dirty clothes on Facebook.....yes they are that thick at times.

  4. Hi Whiteangel

    Yep most mothers will always be there for their children althoug I do know a couple who are not.

  5. Hi Jo-Anne,
    May is a long time away, a lot of months if things are not going well, which turns into a lot of stress. I certainly hope the months ahead are a lot better for you.

  6. Hi Mags

    Me to I am taking it one day at a time.


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