Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Early Mornings

When my daughter moved in I said I hoped I wasn't the one who gets up with Leo each morning but as it has turned out it is me more often then not.

Now I know I can go in and get his mother up but I also know what she is like and when I do get her up she can be pretty lazy and instead of getting him breakfast and getting him dressed she will sit back and dose while he runs amuck. I have been up with him since around 7am and he has had breakfast followed by some ice cream and is dressed and outside playing with the dogs.

Jessica is not a morning person but then neither is my daughter Natasha who has a habbit of letting her son run amuck of a morning also, a person may not like having to get up early but when you have children you have to do it that is just a part of life.


BB said...

A mother has to do what a mother has to do. Whether they like it or not. I think the younger kids today think they can have their cake and eat it too. They want kids (my son has 2) and yet they don't want to take care of the daily needs. Maybe that's why he and the mom lost custody in the first place. Luckily my granddaughters are being raised with other family and are so well taken care of. You are a very good grandma!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Barb

Thankfully my daughters are getting better as time goes by and if they have to do it because I won't or can't they will step up and do it. Generally speaking they are all pretty great parents even if I do complain about them a lot.......lol

I do agree with you many youngest want their cake and eat it too and it is made easier for them to do that when they have parents like me and hubby who will step in and of course we do it for our grandchildren.

diane b said...

I wonder how they would manage if you were not there to help out. You are a good grandma.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

They all reckon they will cope just fine but I am not so sure.


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