Thursday, 13 October 2022



Types of Dystonic Tremor

  • Dystonic tremor appears in the same area of the body which is affected by dystonia. So, a person suffering from neck dystonia will have twisting of the head along with shaking movements of the head.

  • Dystonic tremor can also appear in a different part of the body to the dystonia. If a person has neck dystonia he/she can have dystonic tremor in the hand.

  • Dystonic tremor may not be present with other dystonic symptoms; however, if a person has a family history of dystonia, then it can be suspected that he/she may also have dystonia.


Rita said...

Where do you have them? My impression is a lot of places?

diane b said...

Doesn't sound like a pleasant disorder. A guy in our village had a very bad tremor and he went to Sydney for a special treatment and it fixed him. Its a very new treatment and it cost him $20,000.

Margaret D said...

Interesting Jo-Anne...though not so good.

Debby said...

That's just awful Jo-Anne. I wish there was a cure.

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