Monday 24 October 2022



Hello wet Monday this computer is bring a bitch..............

In the middle of the Atlantic two of the huge plates that make up the Earth's surface the African Plate and the American Plate are moving apart a the same rate as fingernails grow.

Every cubic mile of seawater holds over 150 million tons of minerals.

In 1978, Emilio Manco Palma became the first person ever to be born in Antarctica

Before 1957, there was a law prohibiting and building in the city of Los Angeles having more than 13 storeys as they were afraid of earthquakes.

London Bridge built lie 180 odd years ago was bought and transported in 1968 to Lake Havasu, Arizona


  1. Those plates seem to be moving rather quickly.
    All interesting facts Jo-Anne.

  2. I remember reading the London Bridge thing back in first grade...

  3. Chris.........I heard of it from way back


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