Saturday, 20 October 2007

Another Blog

Well I have done it I have started a blogspot blog so since I have no idea how this one works please people bear with me as I am learning.

I can hear my family saying now why or why Jo-Anne do you have to have another blog but they don't know the problems with bigblog I have to put up with.

I do not expect my family to come here very often, it will be up to them.


Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne, Your blog is looking lovely. Oh yes, what problems we do have to put up with on the other blog for days at a time. Lovely photo of the family :.....take care

Anonymous said...

hi aunty jo i will vist ur new blog often coz i love u hehe but im learning how to use it too lol its very diffrent but i like it. love u xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

hello sis, yeah i like it ill come look from time too time:)

love ya sis xoxo

Anonymous said...

p.s i like it better LOL


Unknown said...

Hi Jo-Anne, jeeze this blog looks great. No wonder people are deserting the good ship BigBlog.

I've been posting comments for weeks now to another member of BlogSpot and didn't realise how good it is.

Think I'll have my own Blog here too.



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