Thursday, 2 January 2014

WWW...........New Year

Happy 2014 everyone, how is it where you are? Here down under in my little part of Aus it is bloodying stinking hot, so hot a body could melt if they ventured out in the heat for too long. 
Now onto the post of the day................
1.) Do you have any New Year’s traditions?
2.) Resolutions: make them and stick to them or forgo them entirely?
3.) What is one thing you want to see happen in 2014? (For you or in general)
4.) What do you have coming up in 2014?
5.) List three things you did in 2013 that you’d like to avoid in 2014.
1.) Nope use to like to watch the 9.30pm fireworks from the back yard but the council stopped them a couple of years ago so now nothing. 
2.) Generaly none can't be bother but this year I have resolved to have an afternoon nap each day. 
3.) In general less violence, for me I would like to lose weight by September
4.) A holiday to Hawaii
5.) Can't think of a single thing.

         Nanna's are short on criticism and long on love


  1. I think I shall borrow the question list... Sorry about the heat, wish I could send you some of this damn snow.

    1. You can have the questions if you like them they are not mine to hog.................send the snow here and it would melt in a blink..........

  2. It is hot and humid here but I love it.

    1. As long as you love it then all good, I don't know if I prefer humid heat or dry heat

  3. It's rainy and chilly here, but at least we don't have snow.


    1. Still hot here was told last night on the news that it would cool down to a nice 30°C


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