Tuesday 15 July 2014

How fast did I grow up............

Good morning world, school goes back this morning so I have Little Leo here now and will have to leave in half an hour to drive him to school and this morning he wants to know how come I don't know everything since I am a grown up I am supposed to know everything. He also wants to know how I managed to grow up so fast, I said I didn't grow up any faster than he is but he thinks I did.

I think a lot of children think grownups are super smart and should know everything and get disappointed when they realise we don't know everything at all.

Leo said that I have been a grown up as long as he has known me, and I said yes that is true as I had to be a grown up to have his mummy as my daughter and he said that his mummy is a grown up as well but she is not as grown up as nanna is.

I told Leo that he knows about things I don't understand even though I am a grown up and that is because of how old I am, such as transformers he knows more about transformers than I do and superheroes and Minecraft I don't know anything about Minecraft because when I was a child there was no Minecraft nor was there the internet.

He finds it amazing that when I was little there was no internet nor was there any Cartoon Network channel and when I told him there was only black and white TV when I was his age he was shocked and couldn't quite get his head around it.

I am now leaving to take Leo to school, will post when I get back.

Back again, after taking Leo to school I went to meet mum for a cuppa and a chat and then a some shopping now home and ready to post this.

We came, we saw, we ate your food and now we are going back home

Love you mum, 


  1. My kids always freak out when I talk about my younger days... Maybe because I bring up dinosaur wrestling and such. I should probably stop that.



    1. My mum brings up getting milk from the cow that freaks out the little ones oh and only having a bath once a week and not having hot and cold running water

  2. Yes, they live in quite a different world than we grew up in. ;)

  3. I guess I'm grown-up, but I don't know much at all.


  4. What a sweet relationship you have with Leo! It's summer vacation for us here in the US. I can't even think of back to school yet! UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne

    1. Thank you I think I am lucky to have such a great relationship with my grandchildren

  5. Wait until he's a teenager... then he'll suddenly be convinced we don't know ANYTHING. :)

  6. My kids always ask if something was invented yet when I was a kid. Wait until he is a teenager and he thinks he knows it all. I dread that day with my kids. :-)


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