Thursday 17 July 2014

Do you like it when it is cold or do you prefer it to be hot

What a day I have had, I had to take Leo to school as usual on a Thursday then I went and had blood taken to check my diabetes and my iron levels.

Tim and Jessica have gone to have their tax returns done this morning and Jessica asked me about having Leo tonight as well so she could go to poker and even though I thought we would have him every second week while she went I said yes because that is what I do.

What I do know is that for some bloody reason I am feeling oh so tired and have a bit of a headache but of course I can't go to bed as I have to go and pick Leo up this afternoon, I worry if I have a nap I will not wake up in time to go and get him so that is why I don't have a nap on school days.

One thing I don't like about winter is that I get headaches due to the cold weather. Which is one of the reasons I hate pegging washing on the line when it is really cold and windy outside.

How do you cope in cold weather?

Are you a cold weather person or a hot weather person or are you like me and really prefers the in between weather. I have said before that I have been talking to Tim about getting a heater for the lounge room but let's be honest here I don't think it will happen because I am to much of a softie and give in all the time.

Tim told me last night that he has decided what to get Kathy-Lee for her upcoming birthday in September but I won't say what here as at times Kathy-Lee will read my blog posts and I don't want her to know what he has in mind. He said he also has a idea of what he will get me for my birthday which isn't till November so I will have to wait and see what he has in mind. 


  1. I hope he gets you a heater--LOL! ;)
    I do well in any weather that is not overly humid and under 75 degrees. I don't mind bundling up and being outside when it is below zero. I prefer that to the sticky heat. But the most perfect weather to me is in the spring and fall here when it's around 70ish in the daytime and chilly at night for good sleeping with the window open. So I guess I prefer it cold over hot. And we do get it really cold here. ;)

    1. I can't imagine living anywhere that gets below zero, but that is because I have never lived anywhere it gets that cold, guess if it was that cold here Tim might think we need a

  2. I kind of like the in between weather. That's why I like our fall here.

  3. Now that I live in extremely hot and humid Florida, I love our winters, which are quite mild. I have central heating, but I don't use it much. Space heaters keep the house cozy. I have lived in places where it was very cold and we had blizzards. I always wore layers of clothes, a heavy coat when I went out, and I piled blankets on myself when I sat around the house. Even though our Florida heat is uncomfortable, I prefer the climate here to those hard winters.


    1. Yeah here our winters are not as cold as they are in some other parts of the world and even though I complain at times I do like living here

    2. Florida summers or Maine winters?
      Florida wins, hands down.

    3. I'll never shovel snow again.

  4. I actually prefer to be cool.
    Which is something I never was.
    I hate it when I'm hot.
    Like I was when I was in my 20s.
    Yeah, that one's a lie.

    1. I have never been cool either, but I do get cold a bloody lot.
      Hot, well never been that either

  5. Thankfully I have a few months before having to worry about cold.


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