Tuesday 24 November 2009

Opp and Freezers

At long last I am off to hospital on Friday to have my opp to fix my incontinence and I hope it works as I hate being how I am. I have been on the waiting list a bit over a year and got a letter with the date at then end of October then got a phone call telling me that it had been cancelled then a week after that I got another phone call to tell me that it is back on so I am off to hospital on Friday fingers crossed they don't cancel on me again.

Over the weekend I got stuck in and changed bedrooms around and sorted out stuff which involved throwing out a lot of junk which is now sitting in the trailer on the front lawn I hope hubby takes it to the tip sooner rather then later.

I also need to get hubby to go over to my brothers and pick up a chest that belongs to Kathy which she wants and also a chest freezer which he said I can have that I have to clean out as it smells and get rid of the smell and then we can use it. However my dad now wants the freezer so if hubby doesn't get a move on we will miss out on it and then we may have to buy another freezer as we have Chrisco and Castle hampers coming in a couple of weeks and the freezer we already have is full as Hamper King hampers came last weekend.


  1. I hope for your sake Jo-anne it all goes according to plan with the op....I find these days with myself if I have to go I really gotta go...No hanging on anymore...lol....
    I didn`t get any hampers this year but I have organised it for next year....

  2. Hi Jo-Anne
    sounds like you have got your hands full and need a freezer.
    Thought I might let you know that we have an offer at Hamper King at the moment that if you order a freezer for next year (+ a Mighty Meats & King's Hamper for 2010) we will send you, your Freezer, this year, for FREE!! So get the freezer now but pay for it with your 2010 order! Are you interested? if so please contact our call centre and ask for Damien!
    Many thanks, HK.

  3. Hi Mandy

    I have hubby saying all the time we will not be getting so much next year and that he wants to have a say in what we get, it is starting to really annoy me.

  4. Good luck with the opp. You'll be a new woman. You might be sore for a whoile I hope your family will care for you when you come home. Wow you sure have lots of hampers. I can't be bothered with Christmas this year as the girls will not be here this year. So we will just go out for Xmas dinner and have an easy time.

  5. good luck with your operation Jo-Anne. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Don't forget if we can help you out with a freezer let us know! Just order a mighty meats hamper and a kings hamper for next year and we'll send you a freezer this year for free! Take care! Hamper King :-)

  6. p.s just email us at email@hamperking.com.au

  7. Good luck. I hope all went well on Friday.


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