Monday, 28 February 2011

Night Terror

I have heard of Night Terrors in the past but have never experience them well that changed last night. My 3yr old grandson Leo suffered 2 of them last night the first one only lasted about 10 minutes and wasn't much he was just a little restless. However the second one was a lot worse and lasted around 30minutes that time he was thrushing about and crying for his mummy who had gone out to see a friend. I rang his mummy straight away and she came straight home but when she got here she was unable to settle him either.

At first I had no idea what was wrong with him but then I suddenly thought night terrors so I came out and got online and looked it up and yes that was what was wrong. Everything I read said comforting the child made it last longer so I told Jes that and she left him and came out to the lounge room and within minutes he settled down and by the time she went back into the bedroom he was laying down watching telly like nothing happened. Which according to everything I read that is normal.

I do hope he doesn't suffer from them very often as it is distressing to both me and his mum and of course being very tired didn't help us either.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-Anne,
I also have heard of night terrors, but don't actually know anyone that has had them. It must of been terrible for him, it sounds like he went through a rough time.

It not good for you either to miss out on a good nights sleep.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Hi Mags

From everything I have read he remembers nothing of it so in some ways easier for him then for the rest of us, we are the ones who have to deal with him being so distrested.


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