Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm a Pushover

Why oh why am I such a push over at the moment I am watching Leo while his mother has gone out and she is going out for the night also as she is leaving on Thursday to go and visit a friend in Casino for a few days and she is not taking Leo with her. Jessica tells me that I can say no but I rarely do, I do not know why I find it hard to say no to my children.

Right at this stage Leo is outside playing with the dogs I hope he doesn't get to dirty as it has been raining on and off all day.

I love my girls so much and I think part of the reason I always say yes is because I do not want to deal with them when they are pissed off at me for saying no. Oh well I am who I am and if I don't want to watch a child I have to learn how to say NO and mean it and stand by it.


  1. Your daughters are damn lucky to have you. When I was raising my son I had no help. It was months and months before I could get a night out. I just never depended on anyone. You can tell them I said they are lucky!!!! Hugs sweet lady.

  2. yes, you are a pushover. you are a mother. what can you do?

  3. Hi

    Yes they are and for the most part they know it and let me know that I am appreciated and loved.

  4. We can see who rules THAT roost!

  5. You are a mum & grandmother like myself and other women, not all will do as you do.
    It's also lovely that you are asked by your children to look after their children, many grandparents are not, many grandparents would love to do as you do but are unable for many reasons. Though a fair thing is a fair thing anyway. You need your own space and time to do what you want to do, and your children should realize this.
    Take care of yourself.

  6. Hi Anonymous

    Yep the kids rule the roast......lol

    Hi Whiteangel

    I consider myself lucky to play such a large role in my grandchildrens lives. Thankfully my girls know how lucky they are.


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