Saturday 5 February 2011

Off To School

My grandson Blain has started school this year and he looks so cute in his school clothes and he says he likes school so far hope it continues like that.

I didn't go with his parents to the school felt like if my daughter wanted me there she would have asked me to go. His fathers mother, however, did turn up along with his father's sister and that annoyed my daughter she said to me she didn't want them there but the woman just invited herself .

He wanted to go to school today but today is Saturday and there is no school so instead he has rang me 6 times as his mother will not get out of bed and see to him.


  1. What a little doll. I had the same when my son lived with me back in Connecticut. His kids spent the weekends with me and he wouldn't get up for anything to spend time with them. It was like pulling teeth. Hence, why he lost custody!!! Love that he calls you!

  2. Since writing this he has rang me 2 more times, I really do not understand not getting up with your children no matter how tired I am I get up but the telly on get breakfast for them and just sit and watch them.

  3. He is so cute and doesn't it make you cry they go off to school.

  4. Hi Diane

    Yes he is so cute he wanted to go to school on Saturday and didn't understand why he couldn't.

    They grow up so fast............


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