Tuesday 30 July 2019

Gross Facts No:23

Guess who forgot to do a post yesterday, I don't know why or how I forgot, I just did.

Anway here are this weeks Gross Facts.

Head cheese is the meat from a pig's head set in jelly.......what the hell

Ox brain fritters are popular in Cuba......no just no

Thrips are tiny insects that hide in fruit & vegetables

Oregano can legally contain up to 1250 insect fragments per 10grams

A Limburger sandwich is filled with raw onion, mustard and Limburger cheese, which smells like body odour.


  1. Head cheese is the meat from a pig's head set in jelly.......what the heck alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sandie

  2. Awful and definitely gross! LOL!

  3. Hi Jo-Anne - sorry but 'head cheese' is called brawn here and is absolutely delicious ... love it! Brains too ... when food wasn't around much - you ate every part ... and everything you eat will have something live on it = we just don't see them crawling around! Thrips are to be avoided ... they live in stale food. Gross - but good sometimes! Cheers Hilary

  4. I agree. I’m not into ANY of these foods and we grow our own oregano. No bugs in what we eat.

  5. My folks consumed both head cheese and limburger sandwiches. Some things are better not passed on...

  6. Yuks and no thanks to all the above!

  7. Even the thought of head cheese makes my stomach hurt. No way. Not ever.

  8. I always wondered what head cheese was. Now I know and it still seems like a horrible terrible awful thing.
    Was thinking about the oregano...hard to get tiny insects out of an herb I should imagine. LImberger...like you on something else...just no. Brain Fritters. Oh, please.

  9. Sandie......Knew others would agree


    Hilary.......When I wrote that I thought of brawn

    Rick.......Nice to know

    Chris......Oh yeah I agree

    Nancy......I'm with you

    Karen.....Me too

    Katie......So many gross foods

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