Tuesday 16 July 2019

Gross Facts No:21

Good morning all, yes don't faint, I am doing a post. Yesterday I went out for a day trip with my brother and his family and our mum. We went to Port Macquarie for breakfast and to Wauchope to visit dead people.

Anyway let's move on to gross facts, today's facts are as follows.

Kopi Luwak is the world's most expensive coffee......not gross

It's made from beans eaten then pooped out by a small animal called a palm civet....now that's gross

Kiviak is an Inuit meal made by stuffing 500 birds into the body of a seal.......yes gross

This is then eaten by making a hole in the neck and sucking out the juices......really gross indeed

White truffles are edible fungi that sell for thousands of pounds per kilogram.......not for me


  1. I can promise you one thing - I will never drink Kopi Luwak coffee - even if it becomes cheap! YUCK!

  2. I agree that all of those are gross. At least now I know their names so if they're offered to me I can say, "No, thank you."


  3. I knew about the other two but did not know about the stuffed seal delight--awk!

  4. Hi Jo-Anne - I think I'll just say I'm glad you had a good day out and paid your respects to family (I'm guessing) ... take care and I'm off gross! Cheers Hilary

  5. Well, I can't top that... actually, I could, but who would want me too, lol!

  6. The coffee sounded interesting until you told me how it's made. But Riviak, now that's really gross.

  7. Sandie....Same here

    Janie....Yes no thank you from me too

    Rita.....Now you do


    Hilary.....It was a good day out

    Karen....I don't drink coffee but if I did I would pass on that one

    Chris....No I wouldn't want you too


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