Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Wonderful Nanna Is 91 Today

The above photo is of my nan and my mum it was taken about 20 something years ago but it is one of my favourtie photos, this is how I see nan when I look at her.
Today marked the 91st birthday of my wonderful nanna with who I have always had a special relationship and even though I know she no longer remembers our special bond I do and that’s enough……………… because it was her birthday she had more visitors all at once instead of just me and mum and Temika.  My uncle Frank & Aunt Pearla were there and my sisters Jeannie and Sandra came and there was cake, Pearla bought a large chocolate mud cake which was shared with other residents and staff……….

My other uncle Ronnie didn’t turn up but then no one rang him and about this morning’s gathering but hell he knows when his mother’s birthday is so no one should have to ring him. However, he has had a problem with nan since she started to lose her memory, I remember mum telling me that he said he was embarrassed by her this was back when she would repeat herself over and over again, now of course nan says  very little. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is embarrassed by the fact that she is unable to feed herself now and can’t walk of course or do anything for herself.

But to me she is nan I do not see these things I see my nan the woman who played such a large role in my life. I woman who I think of often during any given day, I know that one day she will pass on and be with my pop but I do not like to think of that time. Yes I know her quality of life isn’t much at the moment but I love her so much and do not like to think that one day I will not be able to visit her.  This photo above is one that was taken of her not long ago.

As for gifts well there is very little we can get her as she doesn’t need clothes or make up so mum bought her a nice rug to go over her legs as she is always in a wheel chair and a bunch of flowers and I did this collage for her which is now hanging in her room above her bed.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Happy Birthday to Nanna.

May God bless her always.

Bubbles said...

I can't believe that your uncle is embarrased how does he know it might not be him in that situation one day!

Its nice that you were able to celebrate it in your own way but most of all its a beautiful relationship you have. I didn't get that with my grandparents as 2 had already passed away before I was born and the other 2 were in Pakistan for most of my life. I did go there but its not the same as having them around constantly.

diane b said...

Wow you still have grandmother and you are a grandmother yourself that is five generations, amazing. What a great family you have. It is sad about your uncle's attitude. People don't choose to suffer dementia and they need a lot of love and understanding, like you have for your gran.

Sandra (Sister) said...

Yeah it was a great morning :) happy birthday nanna xxoo
Nan was really good today she even sang happy birthday with a smile :) and she would brighten up when jeannies name was said... :) she told me I have cold hands when I was rubbing cream in them... :):)

yevisha said...

happy birthday to your nan. that's a milestone isn't it? glad you enjoyed your day.

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
Happy birthday to your wonderful grandmother♡♡♡
My father is 87 years old and not able to to understand me any more; he is my beloved father(*^_^*)
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

Trish said...

You are so lucky to still have your nan. Cherish every moment. I lost mine a few years ago and miss her very much

Anonymous said...

Love is faithful and not does sometimes hurt as in your brother's reaction to his mom, he doesn't know how to deal with the hurt so he avoids it...many will do that.....somewhere Jo-Anne in the depths or your Nan's heart those memories are there...they just cannot surface any longer....good for you for staying faithful to your Nan....she loves you!

Jennifer said...

This is such a beautiful post! I loved looking at your photos and to answer the question you left in the last comment you left me: No, I don't think it's strange to enjoy looking at other people's pics. I LOVE it too! So, at least we're in good company if it is strange.

What a blessing that your nan is still with you all! My granny back home is terminally ill with cancer and my ungrateful family doesn't even visit her. It makes me so angry and I wish I could go back there and whip them into shape. I used to bake her cakes and take her lunch and dinner before we had to move so far away from home. I truly enjoyed spending time with her but it seems everyone else views it as a burden. I'm happy in our new home but, man, I wish I could've brought her with us or that someone else in my family would at least pretend to care. It's really a crying shame since she's done so much for everyone through the years.

Take care, Jo-Anne! Sorry for the rambling comment. Sometimes I find it difficult to stop once I get going. ;)

Shelly said...

What a lovely, beautiful woman your Nan is. Happy birthday to her. You've no idea how much it blesses me to hear how you and your mom and family still visit her so regularly and make sure she is still a part of the family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Nanna!!! I love, love, love the pictures. What perfect gifts you got for her. I also got my mom a blanket (you say rug) for her legs. Photos are perfect as a gift too =)

Rita said...

Happy birthday to your grandma! My dad is 91. Just had hip surgery last year. Time flies, doesn't it. Too quickly. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to her! She's got such a beautiful face.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Victor......Thank you I think she had a good day

Buttercup....Yes that is how I feel, and maybe he will as Karma can be a I have only been close to my mums parents, I might write about my dads parents in a post explaining why I wasn't close to them

Diane B.....Yes there is 5 generations of the family now and now that you mention it I would really love to get another 5 generation photo taken

Sandra......It was great having your there with us

Yevisha....Thank you every day with her now is precious

Miyako......Thank you yes it is sad to watch those who we love become a shadow of themselves

Mynx.....I do my friend I do.....

Rhonda.....Yes I agree the memories are still there but it is hard for her to bring them to the surface is no longer something that happens very often....but when it does it is wonderful

Jenn......I can not image not visiting my nan and if for some reason I can not get there one day I feel guilty until I can get to see her, that said it is rare for not to be able to go and see her every Wednesday. My daughters do not understand that it is important for me to see her each week. I need to see her and know she is fine.

Shelly......Yes we think nan is still a beatiful woman, she has always had s huge heart and a beautiful soul......

Elsie.....Thank you I will take a photo of her room next visit and show off how the photos look in her room

Rita.....Yes time does fly it seems like only a short while ago I was spending time at her house. I use to often go and stay with my grandparents as a child.

GreenGirl....Thank you nan was one to always take care of her skin...

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for your recent visit to my Blog. I've responded there.

God bless.

paravespula said...

Do you know your Grandmother's picture is being used as a hoax on Facebook?

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