Thursday, 17 May 2012

Used By, Thawing and No Bloody Power

What to write about today so many things pop into my head but while cooking lunch today I was spreading Mayonnaise on my bread roll and noticed it was a month out of date which made me think about expiry dates. 

Do you take a lot of notice of expiry dates if something is out of date do you toss it out straight away or does it depend on the food...............

With me it depends on the food some food I will toss as soon as it is out of date such as meat.............but other stuff like the Mayo or Vegemite, Peanut Butter it doesn't both us if it is a bit out of date if it still smells ok and tastes ok I will still use it.......................

Now my brother is one of those who will not use anything that is out of date no way no how he will toss out perfectly good food just because it is a day out of

Another thing I am defrosting a piece of steak for tea, yes just one piece hubby and I will halve it anyway the point I am defrosting using my Miracle Thaw Defrosting Tray which I love but you know you can’t buy them anymore and my youngest Jessica would love one. I have been looking but I have not been able to find them anywhere……………..

Oh yeah something else I didn’t mention yesterday when I went to take Leo to day care in the morning the car had no bloody power I couldn’t get over 45Kph Tim said it was because the car was cold and maybe that was the case but this morning I had no problem so maybe not we will just have to see how things go. If it was the cold then I may have to let the car run for a few minutes before driving it of a morning……………..


Joanne said...

I throw stuff out if its over the expiration date...even if its only one day over. I know I know I'm anal about that stuff! How cold is it there right now?
Blessings, Joanne

My Name is JACY said...

Hi Jo-Anne!

I saw your comment on Mel's blog (bubbles) and thought I'd come check out yours too :)

It's wonderful! And I love, love , love the name LEO! That was my great grandpa's name and I hope to use it for my son someday ;) If I have another child that is... :)

Just wanted to say hello!


Bubbles said...

I will use out of date things if they are ok, my sister gets annoyed with her family as they won't use bread if its even one day and she thinks if its soft and not mouldy whats the problem. The problem though is that supermarkets push those things to the front so that you buy them and they may have only a day left.

Margaret D said...

Hello Jo-Anne,
Depends on what food it is before I throw it out if out of date.
I recall keeping tins of food for years once and was ok to eat, no use by dates back then.

Shelly said...

What is your defrosting tray? I'm very interested to hear about it now- don't think I've heard of it here in the States. I will use milk a day or so after the date, as long as it smells OK.

Shelly said...
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timothy said...

you have to see what the date says a few are experiation but most are best buy which simply means it may lose nutrients or potency after that date , so it's still perfectly safe to use. i'll use meats days after as long as it smells ok (i do well done so it's safer anyway) eggs for up to a month, and meds forever. the only thing i wont use after is milk cause it usually smells icky by then.

Kristy said...

I'm like youu when throwing stuff out.

LindyLouMac said...

I am careful with expiry dates but it does not happen very often that the situation arises. Strange about the car, hope it is nothing serious.

Anonymous said...

From yesterday - Hubby agreed although we love your term better "bitsa" was it? Funny. We call it a mutt. Yours sounds much sweeter.

As far as expiration dates go, for me it depends on what it is. I freeze lots of stuff so I'm constantly writing on stuff with a sharpie when I took it out of the freezer and going from there. But, on things like salsa, I'll let that go. Or on pickles. But anything with mayo or eggs or milk - it's tossed.

CWMartin said...

McDonalds keeps forever, pizza I give three days max, and if Taco Bell goes to the fridge, I guarantee its next stop is in the trash.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Like you I decide on whether to use something that has expired by the way it looks, smells and tastes. Meat is the one thing that gets trashed when it expires. I swear I can taste meat that is even a bit off or old. Probably all in my head though! And my husband loves to hand me the jug of past date milk to smell and see if it still smells sweet... and if it doesn't I am the one who gets grossed out, such a sharing man! LOL

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Joanne.........So you are like my It is cold here some days more so then others temps around 19 or 20 degrees cel

Jacy.....I Jacy glad to see you here and feel free to come back at anytime........I also like the name Leo, although to me he is Little Leo and always will be even if he grows to be 6'

Bubbles....Yeah with bread as long as it is still pretty soft I will use it for me if it not the freshest I will use it for toast..

Whiteangel....Same here some things are fine some are not I think our nose can often guide us

Shelly....A defrosting tray is a tray you can use to thaw meat or any frozen food on it will thaw the food very quickly have no idea how it works just knows that I can take something out of the freezer and in only a few hours sometime it will only take an hour and the food is defrosted and ready to use.....I have had mine for years but they are hard to find now days

Tim.....Yes we should let our nose guide us when it comes to food as you said many foods have a use by date but many people think that use by dates and expiry dates are the same thing.......

Kristy.....Good to hear that I am not the only person who uses their common sense

LindyLou.....The car has been fine since, most of the time food doesn't last long enough in this house to go off

Elsie....Yeah I think the term bitsa sounds better then I also write the date on stuff I freeze so I know how long it has been frozen too......

CW......Who eats left over Macca's oh yeah my nephew that's who.....but not me if it isn't eaten straight away it goes to the dog

Josie.....I remember when I was a child my dad getting mum to smell the milk to make sure it was ok he said he could never smell the

Jeff Laws said...

Personally, I look at it, smell it, maybe taste it. Awww, it's fine. But I rarely get to choose because my wife is very anal about it, if it's over, it's out.

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