Sunday, 18 May 2008

Cost of Being Unwell

I have been getting really bad headaches even have had a few migraines lately and I really need to see a doctor but I can't afford to go and see my doctor so I am thinking about going and seeing a local one that bulk bills but that said I like my doctor the same one I have been seeing for 15 years. He knows me and my family so I am finding it difficult to see someone else.

However it will have to be done as I need stronger medication for these headaches as what I am taking just doesn't help much.

To make matters worse my arthritis is playing up because I haven't been able to afford to get my tables for that, everything costs so dam much lately and all I can think is I am lucky I am not like my parents who where spending $100 a month on medication now they get it free till the end of the year.

Well its late and I am off to bed hope everyone had a good weekend.



mandy said...

It`s getting bad these days where people can`t afford the basics when it comes to medicines...
Jo-Anne you must see about your headaches though...You can`t keep going the way you are...Health is the most important thing we have to look after...If you don`t have that then you`re not living a quality life....
Hope you get to feel better soon....Start looking after number one for a change...THAT`S YOU!!!!!

lil harry said...

JO-Anne ..hope you have been able to afford to go to the Dr and get something to help..

everthing is so expensive. Its really hard sometimes to find the money.


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