Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pissed off Daughters

Natasha has gone out for the night with Lucas to an engagement party I hope she has a good time as she doesn't go out very often, although her and Lucas have been going out a bit more of a weekend but only the weekend that Lucas doesn't have his son.

Kathy was in a mood this afternoon as Tim told my sister Sandra to put Kathy's furniture on the lawn at the house Kathy is moving out of (Sandra is moving in) anyway they put it on the front lawn. My mum rang me to say that they where leaving the house so I went straight over to watch the stuff, anyway Kathy was here when mum rang and when she found out that her stuff was on the front lawn she went off her head. When she got to the house she started throwing things around and going off at me.

Jessica got pissed off at me also this afternoon as she wanted me to look after Leo for the night but I didn't want to do it as I am very tired and the house is a mess. I know her house would also be a mess but she is the one who keeps telling me Leo is her son not mine.

There are times when I feel like everyone is yelling at me or going off at me for one reason or another.


yevisha said...

sounds like you need a hug. :)

lil harry said...

Hugs all round for you Jo-Anne..Lynne is right you do need a hug!


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