Wednesday 14 February 2024

Aussie Slang

 Good morning all, we are in for another stinking bloody hot day here in Newie anyway while I can still function more or less and if you could see how many mistakes I am making you would go with less functioning not more, just saying, what was I saying, oh yeah it is time for some Aussie Slang.

Turps: Turpentine or pure alcohol, if you go on the turps it means you are on a drinking binge

Two Up: A gambling game played by tossing tow coins simultaneously, that's all I know never played the game

Tafe: Stands for Technical and further education common here in Australia, I went to Tafe after I left high school

Uni: University you know like college in some countries

Ute: A utility vehicle like a pick up part car part small truck like rear in which to store shit, it was designed to travel over rough ground like on a cattle station but is seen everywhere now days


  1. I regularly use all your words, but I don't consider them slang. I worked at a TAFE Institute for 28 years :)

    1. I also don't think of many of the words I share as slang because they are just part of everyday speech to me

  2. Yes know those words and use them at times Jo-Anne.

  3. I knew Uni, but none of the rest. I hear the "uni" abbreviation here, too.

  4. Replies
    1. Let me guess you know have forgotten

  5. Like always, I find these very interesting. I may have possibly guessed Uni if I was asked.


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