Sunday 11 February 2024

Week 6 of 2024


I slept pretty much straight through the night waking once to pee at 11.40pm. Then the next thing I knew it was 5.11am and I needed to pee again.

Another stinking hot day turn the air con on at 11am.

Tim drove Sam over to his girlfriends.

Woke to heat it is going to be another stinking hot day, I have the doors opened but no cool breeze this morning. I turned the air con on at 8.30am due to dripping in sweat.

Tim has had his work appointment changed from today till Wednesday at 2.30pm. His physio went well as far as I know and yes I was sitting within feet of him but I put my headphones on and watch my tablet while his appointment is going on.

Damn it has turned out hot really hot and I am feeling drained.

What a morning, I woke up at 6am over sleeping by an hour and I feel rushed, so rushed I skipped my morning wash.

I then realised I took the wrong mediation last night taking my morning tablets instead of my night time meds. Explains why I had a hard time settling last night.

Then my mouse wouldn't work I tried to change the battery didn't help. After some fiddling around I got it working.

Tim went to the chemist I was expecting the meds to cost around $180 it cost $230, either prices have risen a lot or this chemist is just more expensive.

Had a better night sleep woke and got up at 4.50am it is suppose to be only around 21 degrees to much cooler then the last week.

Tim has gone to his doctors appointment then he has to go into work for the meeting about him returning to work.

Tim arrived home at 3.30pm and he was in a right mood, the meeting was cancelled and he was told they want a full clearance for him to work full time, damn if his doctor thought that was possible he would have done so already. They just want an excuse to sack him and as Tim finally said screw them and the job he doesn't need this added stress in his life. I have been saying for a while if they sack him it will not be the end of the world.

Had a good nights sleep woke at 4.20am and after peeing I went back to bed for halfa getting up at 4.50am.

Sam told me about how his girlfriend had issues last night and ended up walking her to Sam's place and how he was upset and worried about her, this caused him to have a bad night.

Tim drove me to the post office so I could buy a pre-paid satchel to send something to Kelli for Thea's birthday. He was shocked at the cost, I wasn't, it cost $30.

A new day has arrived after another good nights sleep.

When I got dressed this morning my shorts are very loose won't be long before they will be falling off me if this continues. This as in me having bugga all appetite.

Managed a banana sandwich for breakie and a glass of chocolate milk.

I have been looking for Thea's birthday present all day I know I have something, I just can't find it.

I have felt ok most of the day but by around 2pm I started to feel restless, I ended up going to have a shower and it kinda helped.

Woke to a wet day and a cool day as well but I don't need to leave the house today so it's all cool.

Ok I remembered that Tim and I were talking about the electricity bill and how it hadn't arrived, so this morning I went online to check it out for some reason our e-billing wasn't in place I fixed that and the bill was due on the 1st February so I paid that. Later I will go back and set up direct debit payment again.

This afternoon I was shaking a lot, I looked like a fish out of water. Both Tim and Tasha want me to go back earlier to see the neurologist which means going to the GP to get a new referral then going to Sydney to see her, I am not so keen on the idea.


  1. I think you should get checked out!

  2. Yes, you probably should get checked out earlier. Even though when you don't feel well it is hard to work up to thinking about being out and about and all the rest.
    I hope Tim gets things sorted out eventually with work one way or the other. Has to be so stressful for him.
    Stay cool!

  3. Hot weather is enough of a struggle, but high humidity makes life impossible. Sweating is awful :(

  4. Don't wait too long before being checked, Jo-Anne!

  5. Between the shakes and the appetite, I have to join the chorus. Besides, remember when Tim wouldn't eat? Get thee to the doctor!

  6. Ugh I haven't slept well in two nights as well. Hope you sleep better tonight.


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