Saturday, 5 June 2021

My Week

 Saturday at last, I woke at 5.30am after a good nights sleep. Kathy & Summer came over so she could shower me and iron a few things.

Jess working today and Leo has been here all day.

A cold morning and a very cool day.

Had a distressing nights sleep partly because Tim was restless and a sod he kicked me for touching him, well it felt like that. He said my foot touched his and it tickled so he jerked and that's how I was kicked.

Tim working today

Tasha & others say it is bloody cold but not to me, to me it is just nice.

Last day of May and I woke with the alarm after a mostly good nights sleep.

Had my mammogram this morning I was in and out pretty quick. Tim took me to the appointment.

While eating a piece of liquorice and a small piece got stuck in my throat. It took an hour to dislodge.

Woke at 5am couldn't go back to sleep so got up and texted Tasha.

Tim rang up about the appointment in Sydney, was told Is need to see him in his private rooms, so I emailed off the referral and was called straight back as I sent the wrong form. This I fixed by sending the right form. So now I just have to wait, till I hear back.

Got into a mood when I asked Tim if he was taking me to the appointment at the JHH on Friday morning. He said NO he has other appointments on Friday and then went on that he didn't know about my appointment.

I got annoyed as I have had this appointment since March with the letter taped to the lounge-room wall above my computer.

I knew Tasha wouldn't do it and expected Jess to say the same. The don't like hospital appointments. Tasha said she will speak to Jess.

Up with the alarm as did Tim, I was in the bathroom having my morning wash when Tim said he needed the bathroom as he had to get ready for work.

He then went on about how Jess doesn't want to take me to the hospital on Friday, I said what did I say yesterday.

I asked Sandy but she is busy also.

Jess said she will come with me with me if Tim drives us.

Had another night with issues with my Cpap mask not staying done up.

Tim is sure we have another one I don't think so but will have a look for it.

Tim helped me look but there is no mask anywhere.

Started raining at 1pm, and the temperature dropped. So I wasn't able to meet Leo.

Up before the alarm, and dressed to go out as I had appointment at the sleep clinic about my Cpap machine. Jess came with me which was good. Tim drove us over and came and picked us up.

They said the pressure was set to high and they changed it so I will see how it goes tonight.

I was also told it was too dirty and reminded about cleaning the filter.


Nancy Chan said...

It gets very uncomfortable when something gets stuck in our throat. Good that the piece of liquorice dislodged itself. There are days when everyone seems to be very busy with their own thing but fortunately Jess was able to accompany you with Tim fetching u both to and fro. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

CWMartin said...

Glad to see Tim did the honorable thing. We all forget stuff set way ahead, but he should look at the date and say that earliest takes precedence. If it messes him up, too bad so sad.

diane b said...

appointments and more appointments. Its what happens as we get older.

Katie Isabella said...

Diane B said it happens, appointments aplenty- as we age.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nancy.......Yes itis and it happens far to often to me,I had a good weekend

Chris........You sound like Tasha

Diane B........So bloody true

Katie............That it is

Debby said...

That is so scary about the licorice being stuck in your throat. I would have paniced.


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