Tuesday 22 June 2021

Dog on Tuckerbox Pt3


Here we are at Tuesday again with part three of the Dog on the Tuckerbox series,

On the 14th February 1976 as a result of representations made by the Gundagai Tourist Advisory Committee, a referendum of voters in the Gundagai Shire was held to determine whether the Dog on the Tuckerbox should remain at the Five Mile, or be moved to Gundagai.

It was overwhelmingly decided that the Dog should remain in its traditional place. The controversy over the “”shift the dog” movement attracted nation-wide attention. The referendum result confirms the Dog will stay where it is.

The Dog on the Tuckerbox story became part. of folk lore of the Australian Bush. At the turn of the century an exhibit at a Gundagai Pastoral and Agricultural Show depicted a dog on a box. It was there that ad poet, wine salesman and traveller, the late Jack Moses first saw the “Tucker Box” and was greatly impressed.

Jack Moses produced “Nine Miles From Gundagai” which became world famous. The poem I will share next week,........


  1. I look forward to the poem.


  2. Remember hearing about that Jo-Anne.

  3. I am looking forward to read the poem. Have a great day and stay safe.

  4. I love that moving the dog became such a big thing among the people. We have a landmark here, essential to the country actually, that's been moved twice. In that process it split in half.

    Now in it's current resting place, it's enormously underwhelming. Disappointing even. Yet people still flock to it.

  5. IMHO, if there was a reason to put it there, there's a reason to keep it there.

  6. Janie......Nice to know

    Margaret D....That's good


    Juli......Me too & that sucks it being split in two

    Chris.....I agree

    Karen,,.,....Coming soon


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