Monday 30 October 2023

Week 43 of 2023 a day late because I forgot yesterday

 I am wearing shorts this morning, we are in for a hot day.

Spoke to Sandy this morning she is going to tel Doc's she can't keep Landon, as he is too violent hitting and biting, and never listening he things it is ok to treat females like shit with no respect. His negative behaviour is affecting the girls and they come first. Both Sandy and I agree he needs to be in an environment that has a strong male roll model showing him how to act and treat females.

It has been a hot day and we had the air con on. I do not think the bedroom air con is working as it should, just not as cold as I think it should be.

When I got up I noticed an upturned container on my desk with a note saying look what I found, Tim found my old hearing aids so now I have two working hearing aids again one old one and one newer one. I am so happy.

Had to change from shorts to long pants at 6.30am and back into shorts at 8.30am.

He found them while searching for something else in his office.

Changed back into shorts at 9am  a pretty warm day but no need for the air con.

Tim thought it was Sam's early day but no it isn't Tim even rang the school to check.

An early start to the day up at 4.30am after needing to pee for half an hour, I finally got up at 4.30am as I couldn't hold it any longer.

Tim has been up going to the toilet on and off since about 3am.

Found a load of washing done in the machine so I got it out and hung it on the clothes hoist and when he got up Tim carried them outside as it is a nice sunny day.

Tim has rehab this morning.

A real early start to t he day I was up at 4am, Tim wasn't well and he was up already I got up to check on him and decided to stay up.

Since Tim is up there is no listening to my book instead he put a movie on to watch, I was annoyed but said nothing.

The cleaners came as per usual.

Not as warm today.

Another early morning I woke at 3.50am with a sore head my Cpap mask felt too tight, it was ok when I went to bed, by 4.22 I had enough I couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up and started my day.

Tasha came down to tell me that our neighbour Colin died during the night, he was a paraplegic or a quadriplegic I can't remember which. He had been our neighbour for many years and was a nice chap. Tasha was pretty upset as she was close to the family.

It has been raining all morning, had to get Tasha to go up with Sam to meet the driver.

I changed my doctors appointment from tomorrow till Wednesday morning due to how I feel since you have to cancelled an appointment at least 3hrs before appointment time but my appointment was at 8.36 in the morning and if I feel like this in the morning I wouldn't have time to ring and cancel so did it this morning.

Slept well and woke at 4.35 needing to pee, I was laying there thinking I would wait a while before getting up but after a few minutes I got up.

I am still feeling like shit.

Tasha asked to borrow the car for the day we said yes, she is rightly pissed off as she wants her car back and has said so.

Around midday I think it was Tim said he is Dawson walking towards the house, it was a nice surprise to see him he was here for about an hour. A lovely visit.

It has rained on and off all day.

I haven't felt good all day.


Saturday again and up, washed and dressed for the day. It is another pretty cool day.

I have managed to do a bit on the computer this morning which has made me feel good. I also sorted the next 4 weeks of medication.

Tasha still doesn't have her car back and she is so pissed off.

The personalised Christmas cards have arrived. As well as notice about my photo ID expiring soon.


  1. Busy week! Sorry you haven't felt that good. I hope you have a better week this week. And I hope Tasha gets her car back! :)

    1. Tasha hopes she gets her car back soon, she is now rightly pissed

  2. That really bugs me about Tasha not able to get her own car back. If it were me...well as my husband always says to me, "not everyone is you." so I'll stay out of it.

    1. I told her if she doesn't get it back soon to go to the cops and see what they say, she did not like that idea

  3. Sorry to hear about your neighbor's passing, and about Landon. We also have your rain, the difference being I had to kick on the heat today.

    1. Sandy has decided to keep Landon a bit longer and not give up on him so fast, I am dripping in sweat this morning

  4. Sounds like a sad and stressful week, Jo-Anne. Here's hoping for a better one to unfold! Blessings!


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