Friday 27 October 2023

Jo-Anne's Thoughts

 Good morning all, you may have noticed I did no post yesterday this is because I felt like shit yesterday and I still feel pretty much the same way. Also yesterday my computer was running slow the internet was dropping out and all in all giving me the shits. I did very little yesterday and today looks to be the same. Although today the computer hasn't given me any trouble at all.

I was suppose to go to the doctors this morning but cancelled due to feeling like shit and the weather and will now go next Wednesday.

Tasha has asked to borrow the car and she is a right mood as she has asked for her car to be returned to her and the guy who has it hasn't replied so she is really pissed. Tim will properly be pissed when he finds out I let her have our car. We, however, are not going out today.

That's all I have today as my mind isn't firing on all cylinders.


  1. Hope you feel better soon- and Tasha learns a lesson in who to trust.

  2. I hope Tasha gets her own car back!
    Hope you feel better soon. I have felt crummy all week so far, so I can commiserate with the not firing on all cylinders. ;)

  3. I hate hearing that you're not feeling well, hope you're feeling better soon.


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