Saturday 2 July 2022

WEEK 26 OF 2022


Another good night up at 5am and now washed and dressed for the day.

Leo slept here last night.

Had an ok day Kelli turned up to put me to bed and had Kirsty with her she is down from Qld for a visit. It was good seeing her.

Gave Freya the box of pavement chalk for her birthday.

Had a good night but found myself awake by 4.30am. I cleaned the kitchen before I rang Tasha.

Rang the hospital about referral to see orthopaedic specialist I am still on the waiting list been on it since October 2018.

Another pretty good day be it a painful day but good as well. I answered 2 letters from penpals.

A new day is here and I am doing ok, had a good night after a rough start, laid down and found I couldn't breathe due to a blocked nose, applied some Vicks chest rub to under my nose and I was ok. Then found my mouth super dry so needed to get up and have a drink. After that I settled down.

Cold and wet today, Leo laid in front of the heater and went to sleep, till it was time to go to school.

Tim on late start today, taking the car due to how bloody cold it is.

Woke at 4.30 to pee couldn't see the point in going back to bed so stayed up.

Tim came home early last night due to an incident at work with a fare evader who in the past has threaten to punch his face in. The cops turned up after a half hour wait and got the two girls off the bus. He is of work today due to stress.

Feeling like I need to talk to mum. Sue came and gave me a hug, I gave her 4 books.

Last day of June and another cold one as well

Sent Tasha a text for help and she didn't reply so I rang her after 40 minutes and I was in a mood as I felt ignored. She came down and we had a moment as in argument but sorted it out and hugged before she left.

No school as there is a teachers strike

Did grocery shopping took a while to get Coles website to load when it did I managed to get online I had no problem till it was time to check out. It took half a dozen or more attempts before it worked. Tim rang Coles online to complain.

Ended up having a good day

First day of July and the last day of school for 2 weeks.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Sydney stayed home alone all day for the first time. Kathy said she was ok but wouldn't want to do it all the time. I have always liked being home alone.

Tim is off today.

A wet day, so I wasn't able to go up with Leo.

Dave turned up with food to see me and have lunch, it was great seeing him.


  1. October 2018... sigh. Two GIRLS were that bad on Tim's bus? What a world. Know what you mean about the vicks and the drink. About every other night for me.

  2. Oh yeah, good old Vicks to the rescue. Still use it since my mom used to rub it on my chest when I was a little girl. IT always worked.

  3. Glad you and Tasha worked it out!

  4. Some mornings I too get up earlier than usual and instead of trying to go back to sleep, I will start the day instead. Yes, the good and faithful Vicks Vapor Rub. Glad you and Tasha worked it out. Have a good weekend.

  5. Chris.......Yeah he has had a lot of trouble with those girls

    Debby...........Yep Vicks is bloody good

    Mama.........Yeah me too

    Nancy........I generally can't see the point in going back to bed once awake

  6. Tim's work issue sounds scary, glad those girls were removed safely. And I do like that you've had a few good days in a row.

  7. Those girls are awful. Too bad they are allowed to be on the bus. They should have parent take them instead. I am so sorry that happened. . You seem as though you aren't quite an in pain as you were..possibly. For that I an grateful!

  8. Karen.......Yeah being a bus driver has its risks

    Katie.......My pain level has dropped, for now...........


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