Sunday, 17 July 2022

WEEK 28 OF 2022

 Another good night and cold morning but no rain thankfully.

Having tinned fruit for a bit as fresh fruit is expensive.

Kathy and Summer arrived at 8ish I wasn't expecting them so early but it is good.

Tim cut my hair and then Kathy showered me.

Tim also whipper snipped Tasha's yard for her.

Slept straight through the night woke to pee at 3.35 but went back to sleep till 5.30 when I got up.

Didn't have a full wash as Tim needed the bathroom. However, because Tim was out of bed he was able to help me make breakfast.

At midday I walked into the kitchen to find the ceiling leaking again in a different spot, I doubt there is anything to be done but I rang the DoH and reported it.

Kelli putting me to bed.

Had another good night woke at 4.15 to pee, tried to go back to bed but was awake,so I got up.

No rain this morning which is good.

Tim home by 12.30 another spilt shift,he leaves again at 3.45pm. He rang the DoH about blocked drain in the driveway and a neighbour who washes the dirt in her carport into the drain. He also told our area manager that the roof is leaking.

Tasha put her wet laundry into our dryer and I let Leo take it out once dried and when she walked in and saw it she cracked the shits and carried on. I don't need that.

Had a decent enough sleep last night after a restless start.

Tim up early 5.40am as he has an early start. He was home by 11.30 for 3hrs due to a split shift.

Tasha bought me some bubblegum flavoured fudge, never had it before, but it is nice.

Had a shocking night due to diarrhoea and needing to have a shower afterwards as I am unable to wipe my bum.

Tim up at 5.25am and off to work by 5.50am.

By 8am I started to feel better, rescheduled my podiatry appointment for the 16th August at Midday.

Last night was ok slept well,Tim up at 4.30am for work but should be home by 3pm.

I have a 11am doctors appointment, Sandy is going to drive me there and Tasha will meet me there and bring me home. At around 9am the doctor's rang about my appointment, in short it has been cancelled which is fine by me as it is too wet to go out.

Been a shocking day shaking wise partly I think because of the cold.

Managed a reasonable nights sleep woke at 3.30am with diarrhoea again, very frustrating.

The girls are not coming today as Micheal isn't at work.

Thankfully no rain today.

Saw Kelli when she dropped off Blain.

Fine all day but the diarrhoea returned at 7pm, by 8.30 I was ok and went to bed.

After going to bed at 8.30 I slept till 6am. Another bloody cold morning.

Shaking a bloody lot, Tim doesn't want to continue with the new medication. He maybe right as I not doing good.

Kathy was in a rushed mood which didn't help my mood. When Tasha arrived with the shopping she was also in a rushed mood.

Tim took Tasha's cans into return and earn for her.


  1. How frustrating about the ceiling leak and diarrhea. Nobody likes that!

  2. What a week! I can relate to weeks that are rough. Hang in there!

  3. Wonder if the change from fresh fruit caused the digestive issues...


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