Monday 18 July 2022



Here are this weeks facts...........

As a teenager Mark Twain real name Samuel Clemens worked on a riverboat where the shout “mark twain” meant that the wateer had reached the second mark on a stick and was therefore deep enough for the big boat to proceed.

In January 2000, Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $780,000 by a jury after breaking her ankwell here is le tripping over a toddler who was running amok inside a shop. The owners of the store were understandingly shocked as the child was Mrs Robertson's own son.

The word “assassination” was invented by Shakespeare.

A shrew can starve to death if they don't eat every two hours.

In the eleventh century, Benedict IX was Pope at eleven years of age.


  1. I knew none of these, thanks! It's always a fun way for me to start my Monday. :-)

  2. Dear Jo-Anne, your list of fact each week are so interesting to me. They make me realize how little--just a miniscule amount of factual information I have after all these years of living. Thank you for the research you must do to get these facts. Peace from Dee Rea

  3. Margaret........You're welcome

    Kea........I'm pleased

    Dee......I am glad you like the posts

  4. I had NO idea Benedict was THAT young as Pope. I didn't know any of the facts


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