Saturday 9 July 2022

WEEK 27 OF 2022

 Went to bed 2hrs later then normal, Tim said I should sleep later but no I was still awake at 3.30am and up at 4.45 that last I laid in bed awake.

Kathy and the girls came over but I didn't have a shower it is far to cold for me. She did some housework and Syd divided up my fruit.

Tim and Tasha went to Kmart and he bought new hair clippers and a new set of winter sheets. Oh and some new undies for me.

Another late day for me but I am sleeping better.

Slept all night woke at 4.15 to pee then went back to bed for an hour. I have managed to do stuff myself with little pain.

A very wet and cold day spent doing very little mostly I watched TV.

Sent Kelli a text saying she didn't have to come but she still came.

Another Monday and still cold and wet but I am drenched in sweat. I was in a snappy mood due to the struggle.

There is flooding in Sydney yet again this is the fourth time in a year.

Tim has a long spilt shift home between 12 & 4pm.

Managed to write on letter, will do more tomorrow.

Slept well, woke to the sound of rain.

Jess working today and tomorrow all day.

Managed to write three letters.

Raining all bloody day.

Tasha found something spilled on the kitchen bench all around the microwave.

Had a good night but discovered more liquid around the microwave this morning, looks like it is coming from the roof. Tasha over reacted which caused me to snap at her and this resulted in a small argument but we sorted out our differences.

She thinks things can be done in a snap, I know stuff takes time. I rang the DoH, the chap was nice enough but didn't get what I was saying and is sending an electrician to check the power point in the kitchen is safe.

About the roof he said they can't do anything it this weather. He did tell me that the work to replace the roof after the wet weather clears.

The electrician turned up at 8.30 checked everything out and said he has notified the DoH that we need a roofer to check out the leak.

No one bloody well came about the roof and it is getting worse. I half expect to wake up tomorrow to a flooded kitchen

Well I wasn't far off the mark with regards to the kitchen,woke to find Tim had moved the microwave and placed towels over the kitchen benched. The leak has spread and the ceiling is bowing, Tim rang DoH again and someone will be here today. So I had to cancel my foot appointment I rang and left a message so I wouldn't forget.

Tim came home around 1pm he has a split shift, he ran into some guy from the DoH who looked at the roof and 20 minutes later he got a phone call from the roofers letting us know someone will be here in the morning to see to the roof.

Finally stopped raining.

Had a good night, slept well and woke to no rain.

The roofers turned up at 8am and he did what he could but he thinks the leak is under the solar panels. So he is going to put a rush on the roof being done.

At 10.30 more men arrived to secure the kitchen ceiling, this was done by nailing two planks of wood to the ceiling.

Tim home at 12.30 till 3.45 due to a split shift.

Jess has gone to the movies with Leo & Emma, Leo was super excited that Emma was going with them.


  1. All I can say is oh no!! I hope they can get the leak and roof fixed quickly!!

  2. Wow, here all we have to worry about is shoddy work by fly-by-night roofing companies. You guys have to worry about the Government FUBARing it...

  3. That
    s a worry having a leak in the bad weather. Hope it gets fixed properly.

  4. Rita.........Me too

    Chris........Yep sounds right

    Diane........Same here


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