Sunday 24 July 2022

WEEK 29 O F 2022


Had a good night sleep waking at 6.10am. Tim got up and helped me with breakfast.

I am having a rough day but yet I managed to do some stuff and get out of my armchair on my own, not easy but I do it.

Kelli here to settle me down and she also shaved my legs for me.

Awake and up earlier then I wanted but I had a good nights sleep.

Not as cold today but I am shaking a bloody lot.

Tim home at around 11ish there was an incident on his bus a lady fell over when he had to brake suddenly. He was here for a couple of hours.

Leo arrived this afternoon with his laptop bag saying he was leaving home and was going to live here, when asked about clothes he said he will go to a neighbours for clothes meaning of course his mum's house.


After a restless start I had a good nights sleep but have been awake since 4.15am. Tim up and left for work by 5.30 himself.

Another bloody hard day with pain and shaking but I managed to cope on my own.

Tasha at last checked the P O Box and there was a bloody lot of mail. Including the hearing aid parts and a gift of 2 pillowcases from a pen friend.

A mostly good night although at 3am I needed to pee and afterwards found it hard to settle again. Tim got angry with me because I was both disturbing him and needing his help. He started to say he was tired and I snapped saying I didn't want to hear it and didn't need his attitude and he could just fuck off.

Tim was fine when he got up, he left for work at 11am.

A restless day with pain but I am coping.

Tash was suppose to be here at 2.30 to help me so I got in the shower to have a rinse off and she didn't show. I tried to ring her but was shaking so much I rang Kathy instead. She rang Tash who turned up in a foul mood and couldn't get why I was in a state. I tried telling her a simple text letting me know she would be latter would have helped. We ended up having a argument, but we were good by bedtime.

A decent nights sleep, up at 4.45am.

Another hard day, Dave & Sandy came over to check on me. Tasha turned up while their where here but didn't speak to them.

What a morning Tasha arrived in a right mood yelling at because of a text Kelli sent her about how she feels Tasha isn't caring for me as well as she could. Tasha kicked stuff and punched the cupboard doors. Both Tum and Leo got up and Leo told her to take a breath and try to calm down a bit.

Tim and Tasha had words and after an hour or so she calmed down and things were sorted more or less. I pointed out at lest people care about me.

Tasha has been more attentive today.

A hard start to the day, couldn't dress myself but even though it is Saturday Tasha came and helped.

Not doing much today no motivation or concentration so just watched TV and dozed on and off.


  1. I pray Tasha can get her things worked through. It seems like she feels a lot of pressure and isn't dealing well. I hope she remembers none of it means as much as her mom.

  2. Dear Jo-Anne, because I come to blogs sporadically, I'm not sure what's wrong physically with you right now , but it sounds as if things are really tough and your days and nights somewhat miserable. I so hope that whatever is happening will be better soon and you will recuperate.

    Take care of yourself. Please.


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