Sunday 29 December 2019

Christmas Week

Up at 6.30am, I found Tim already up and watching telly. A much cooler day I am nice and comfortable but Tim is cold.
Kathy & her girls came over after lunch and she cleaned my bath, helped her dad put clean sheets on the bed. She also ironed his work shirts.
I bought pizza for lunch.
Tasha dyed Kathy's hair and it was all over her top so she changed into an old shirt of mine.

Up at 5.30am it was dark outside but I opened both front and back sliding doors.
At 7.30am I went and had a bath and Tim helped me get dressed. We then went to Charlie as Tim had an appointment with Dr Keyworth.
We then went to Mum's and I saw Jeannie & Sue, I was able to give Jeannie her present.
After that we went to Bunnings and Tim bought wood to make me a bath board.
Jess rang and asked if we could have Leo for the night and of course I said we would.
Tim has been working on the bath board all afternoon,
is morning. I have a slight headache.
Christmas Eve and I have zero motivation today.
Jess picked up Leo around 10ish.after she left Tim went and got us Macca's for breakfast.
I had to have a nap at midday for an hour & a half.
Tim and I went through the boxes on the lounge-room floor, they are all gone now.
Tim moved the broken arm chair outside so we have more room in the lounge-room.

I was up at 5.20am but tried to go back to bed but couldn't sleep so got up at 5.40am.
Jess turned up around 8ish and drove me to see Dad before driving me to Mum's for the day.
Turned out to be a hot day.
Natasha & Blain turned up at Mum's and stayed for about 45 minutes, Mum said a few times it was nice to see them.
Just as we were sitting down for lunch Tyler & Sharna turned up with 2 of their children, then after lunch Tom & Bree turned up with Kelsey.
I wasn't the best had a moment at Mum's, I had been to the toilet and while in the hallway I just stopped and wasn't with it, I couldn't move and all I could say was yeah. Sandy saw me and called Dave to help her walk me to the lounge-room and sit me in Dad's chair. I sat and cried as I don't like people to see me like that.
Dave drove me home and hadn't been home long when I had another moment, so Tasha came and got me ready for bed at 4pm but I will go to bed later.

I was up at 6am and found Tim already up, I gave him his gifts, he really liked the mouse pad.
Tim changed the dinning room table around.
Last night before he went to bed Tim peeled and cut all the veggies for lunch.
He also cooked the veggies.
I had another episode Leo found me standing in my bedroom doorway confused and he made me lay down and fetched his mum & Aunty Tasha. Tasha gave me a spoon of honey when she realised I hadn't eaten all morning.
While he was here I asked Michael if he would hang a couple of items for me on the dinning room wall.
Been another stinking hot day, and I do not handle the heat now days, it causes me to get a headache and feel sick.

I woke at 6.30am and managed to dress myself and apply my make up but had to get Tasha's help putting my earrings in.
Been another stinking hot day.
Jessica took me to Charlie and Leo stayed with Papa and they went to Stockton beach so they could do some beach fishing.
They caught 2 fish.
Tim cleaned the fish in the bathroom and froze them.
It is two days after Christmas and Tasha still hasn't given me a gift, I ordered and paid for it all she had to do was wrap it and give it to me and she couldn't do that.

Awake and up and dressed by 5.45am going to be another stinking hot day.
Tim has gone fishing again this time on his own, however, I still have Leo while Jess has gone to look at a Guinea pig for Leo for his birthday.
Jessica bought me a burger for lunch and while she was here Kelli rang and was upset so Jess is going to have Daemon for the night.
Tim got home at 3.30pm and he caught 2 small sharks..


  1. It's been unseasonably warm here for this time of year (50 degrees F, not sure what that is in C) so I am soaking up every bit of it.

    I will attempt to get the outside decorations in tomorrow before they freeze solid into the ground and we can't get them out until April.

    Christmas eve is uneventful here as most of us work. I prepped the turkey at 5 am so that when Youngest got home from wrestling practice he could cook it for me. The house smelled amazing when I got home at 5pm.

    Christmas day was spent in my jammies, literally, the entire day.

    Then it was back to work. I did finally make it to the doctors after work today. I had my ribs x-rayed to ensure they were not fractured from a fall 2 weeks ago. Honestly though, I can't wait to get back to normal. Just a few more hectic things/events here before we can do that though.

  2. That is very concerning that you have those moments or episodes. I wish the doctors could help you out. Sorry it is stinking hot. Hope it cools off a little for you all. Hope you have a happy new year. :)

  3. So sorry you are not in the best shape. The heat is bad for us oldies. We are lucky to have air conditioning. Take care and I hope Tasha comes good with the gift.

  4. We didn't have much money for gifts this year. We got some nice handmade gifts from the kids and we gave them all "personality fitting" Christmas ornaments and gift cards. The time together was the best gift especially Misty having no problems getting used to the grandkids.

  5. So sorry that you are not feeling well some days. Good that your family members are there to help out with the housework whenever they are available. Over here, we have both warm and cool days.

  6. Juli........That's like only 10 degrees celsius and for me that's cold here it is like 102 degrees feahrenheit day after day or even hotter.

    Rita.......Only getting hotter

    Diane.....Tasha did come through at last, the heat gets to mum

    Chris.....Some of the most loved gifts are handmade ones, it is good that Misty gets along with the grandkids.

    Nancy.....Thank you, I am lucky to have a supportive family

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  8. I am very concerned by all that is happening with you regarding your health. Do your doctors know what is the cause of these episodes? Is there any help for them? I too am very grateful that your family is so supportive and ready to help. I so wish for uneventful days for you. That is sincere. HUGS.

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