Wednesday 18 December 2019

What is it

    What does a person have if they have these symptoms?
    Tremor (shaking that occurs at rest)
    Slow movements
    Stiffness of arms, legs, and trunk
    Problems with balance and tendency to fall
    blank facial expression
    a tendency to get stuck when walking
    muffled, low-volume speech
    decreased blinking and swallowing
    tendency to fall backward
    reduced arm swinging when walking
I have all of these and have been told over and over that it is NOT PARKINSON'S


  1. Is it essential tremor? I have a friend who has this and appears to be very similar to Parkinsons.

  2. Guess you have had a MRI, and that's not full proof. There is no sure diagnosis for Parkinson s Disease, guess you know this.
    Try several other Doctors and not in the same practice.

  3. Well, then what do they think it is? Do they have any other ideas? Any other tests they can do?

  4. I have no idea, but I recommend a second, third or fourth opinion, until you can sort it out. I don't know what it's like in any other country, but oh, here in Canada, so often you have to push, push, push to be heard--it can be a real uphill struggle with our doctors and health care system.

    My very best to you, sending Universal Light, and hugs too.


  5. There are a few conditions that mimic Parkinsons
    The link will take you to the Parkinson Foundation website

  6. Can the doctor diagnose your problem? I hope you can find a doctor who knows and is able to help you.

  7. I would definitely get a second opinion!!!!!!!!

  8. All I can say is, the one site I did go to, the symptoms aren't an EXACT match, but how exact do they have to be? This world literally creates causes for new diseases anymore, from what we breathe, eat and drink, to what our parents ate, drank, and breathed. I guess just try and focus on the next attempt to find a cause rather than worry that it might be what they say it isn't...

  9. Rosie.........Close it is a functional tremor

    Margaret.......Yes I knew this, it's just frustrating

    Rita.....Functunional Tremor

    Kea......I can't afford to see another specialist

    Jane......I know

    Nancy......Been told it is a Functional Tremor

    Sandie......I would if I could

    Chris..,..,.It is all so confusing

  10. Sure sounds like Parkinson's. I can understand why it's confusing and upsetting.


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