Sunday, 1 December 2019

Oh What A Week

Up at 6am and straight into the bath, it was raining when I got up.
At around midday Tim arrived home there was an issue at work, he was stand by at a train station with two other drivers who left for some unknown reason, they went back to their depot. Anyway Tim had to do a run which he did following his run sheet, however, he didn't go to a certain station as he didn't know he had to it wasn't on the run sheet. So his supervisor rang him and told him to pack up and go home.
Around 2pm I started to feel unwell so went for a lay down but when I got up around 3.30 I felt worse.

Woke at 6am slept through the night and felt much better when I got up. Nice and cool this morning.
No aqua today as Natasha has a 8.15 dental appointment to have two teeth removed.
Found out that Natasha didn't go to the dentist because her teeth are no longer hurting, silly girl.
Jessica drove me to Officeworks and helped me find what I needed.
We then bought Macca's for breakfast and brought it home to eat, before going to get bunny food, we dropped it off at her place and I picked up her work clothes to wash.
Up at 6am again, first thing I did was have a bath, I had to get Tasha to come and help me get dressed.
Tim doing a split shift so he was home at 9.20 he then took me to have my blood test done.
We took the Pepsi back to Coles, when I did I was told that you cannot return items I had to ring customer care and get a credit, thankfully she did take them back and I was able to get the Pepsi Max.
It has been a stinking hot day I have had the air con on since 11am, this afternoon it has been raining. Thankfully Tim took the car.
Leo is here tonight.

I was up at 6.15am this morning, Tim was just leaving for work, he woke Leo before he left.
Had some frustration with the printer not printing but it started again after a while.
This afternoon while in the kitchen I suddenly started to pee, no warning just started and by the time I got to the bathroom I had well and truly wet myself. I rang Tasha who came and helped me clean myself up.
Mum told me that Sandy is going to pay for her cleaner. I will pay the arrears on Friday.

Up at 5.50am and had a bath first up. I am going to Glendale Tasha will drop me off and Jess will meet me there.
I couldn't go shopping as Leo was too sick for school, Tasha had to go and get him and bring him here.
Leo has been sick all day and is here for the night.

I was up at 6.20 Leo was asleep next to me because of how sick he was last night we allowed him to sleep with me and Papa slept on his lounge chair.
This morning Leo said he felt fine and was going to school. Thankfully I had a spare pair of shoes for him to wear.
It has been another stinking hot day had the air con on for most of the day.

I had a sleep in this morning getting up at 7am.
Kathy brought over the shopping but couldn't stay to help be get clothes off the line or unpack the dishwasher. Why do I bother asking.
Tim & I went to Warners Bay Plaza so I could go to Hot Bargain & the chemist. While I was getting stuff into the car I took a step back and lost my balance and feel over heavily hurting my left knee and right foot.
Had to be picked up by a couple of strong men.
I am in a lot of pain, I had a one hour lay down then I spoke to mum for a bit over and hour.
Really all I want to do is go back to bed.


Chatty Crone said...

You are sure getting up early - wish you could sleep a little later.

Rosie said...

Hope you are recovering from your fall. We have to be so very careful as we get a bit older as balance is not so good, I have had a few falls and have broken both feet and both arms(at different times)!!

Rita said...

Sounds like an exhausting week! I hope you get more sleep and feel better. :)

Kea said...

Good heavens! I truly hope you're starting to feel better. Do take good care of yourself and don't overdo, let your body heal. Wishing you a much, much better week ahead.

Kim and Derry

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
That is too much of everything on your way too full plate for now.
Hoping your knee and foot are feeling better soon.

Juli said...

Out of curiosity, maybe just sleep til 9. Maybe then everyone will have fended for themselves and you can stay in bed.

Feel better!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...


Rosie......I am glad I don't break easily

Rita.......It was and if only

Kea.......I am trying to

Mariette.....It's life

Juli.........If only I could

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...


Katie Isabella said...

Oh Jp-Ann! Indeed what an awful week! May things please get better!

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