Sunday 26 May 2024

Week 21 of 2024


Had a really good night, slept through the night waking with the alarm at 5am. The temp at 5.30am is 10 degrees but I don’t feel that cold yet. By 8.30am it was 13 degrees.

By midday it was 16 degrees, and I am so damn cold, I am not use, to being cold.

Tim isn’t feeling well today, has a tight cramp like pain in his gut and doesn’t want to eat, but he often doesn’t want to eat.

It reached a top of 20 degrees, but it didn’t feel like it.

What a cold start to the day it is, I had to find a heater to have on while I had my morning wash, it was that cold.  I also turned the heater on in the lounge room till I came out when the chilled had been taken off the room.  It is only 7 degrees at 5.30am.

By 7am I had checked my emails, read a heap of blogs, did my own blog post and now I sit wondering what to do next.

I had a scary incident I was eating a bit of a bread roll, and it got stuck in my throat, I couldn’t even swallow water and I was coughing and trying to dislodge it and it wouldn’t move. It went on for ages like 10-15 minutes and Tim started to get worried, so he rang 000, but while he was on the phone it finally moved and I was able to have a drink of water, so told the operator I was fine and no need for the ambos. I was really scared myself and even said to Tim that I didn’t want to die today.

By midday the temp was 17 degrees.

So, I just went into find clothes for tomorrow, I am out of any type of winter clothes, I only own two long sleeve singlets and one pair of warmish long pants all of which are in the dirty wash basket.

Not as cold this morning thankfully, 12 degrees at 5.30am, we have had rain overnight hope we have no more till after Sam leaves for school.

It hasn’t rained but I walked up with Sam instead of taking the scooter just in case.

I haven’t felt as cold today, but Tim has.

I told Tim that I would go with him tomorrow out to his Dr’s appointment, well he can see the Dr while I go look for some warmer clothes.

Jess called in sick to work, so she must not be feeling good as she doesn’t just do that.

Had a shocking night and so did Tim, I got only around 3-4 hours of proper sleep. I still got up with the alarm at 5am and it was bloody cold, had the heater going in the bathroom while I had a wash and one going in the lounge-room also while I was having my wash. It is 6 degrees at 5.30am.

Jessica is feeling pretty unwell with a high temp at 39 degrees, she will be staying in bed all day again.

By 8am the temp had risen till 10 degrees. It did warm up got to 21 degrees.

I went shopping on my own and bought 2 new pairs of long pants including a pair of trackie dacs and some more undies and another long sleeve singlet. Felt good to wonder around on my own.

Had a good night’s sleep, Tim has his work training with Port Stephens Coach Company today, so he was up at 5am with me as he must be there by 6.30am. It is 10 degrees at 5.30am.

Tim rang at 11.30am to let me know he won’t be home till after 5pm, he said it is all going well. At 11.30am it was 16 degrees. By 1pm it was 21 degrees.

Tim got home at 5.30pm, he has to go back tomorrow, so he will be up early again.  He said it went well; I hope it is a job he will like doing.

Had another good night it is only 6 degrees at 5.30am, seems odd to have Tim up with me at 5am also felt odd him not being home at all yesterday. adH

By 8.20am I had read around two dozen blogs, checked emails, posted a blog of my own, vacuumed out, ironed a couple of items, and went up with Sam to meet her transport and sent a good morning message to Sue. Oh, and it is now 11 degrees.

Sandy called in to show me her new puppy they have named Angel a chihuahua. Asked when she was here if she knew anyone who would like a toaster oven, she took it.

Got to a top temp of 21 degrees.

Tim was exhausted when he got home this arvo, but he gets to sleep in tomorrow and Sunday and on Monday he goes and does it all again.

Not as cold this morning with a temp of 12 degrees at 5.30am, I slept well.

Even though it isn’t as cold this morning I needed the heater on for a bit as I was getting a headache, the type I gets in cold weather.

It got up to 20 degrees, Tim went out to put fuel in the car and I asked him to get me a cheeseburger and fries on his way home which he did, however, I wasn’t able to eat all of it in fact I ate very little of it which annoyed me as I hate wasting food.

Jessica has covid again, Tim is still not feeling good and now is thinking he has cancer, because he feels something is seriously wrong with him.







  1. Tim needs to see a doctor. Maybe he has Covid since Jessica has it. Sounds like your winter weather is starting and soon summer for us! All I can think about are the high energy costs of running the AC. Oh well.

    1. Oh I meant to add - how scary for you when you were choking on the toast. Choking is a fear of mine.

    2. Tim is seeing our GP tomorrow afternoon, chocking is real fear of mine as it has happened a few times

  2. Goodness! What an up and down week. Glad you were able to be out and about shopping for clothes on your own! But sorry people around you have been so sick. I hope you get good sleep and enjoy your new warmer cloths. :)

    1. I am sleeping well again, sickness comes with the colder months but over all life here is good

  3. If a person is ill or unconscious, a choking crisis wouldn't worry as much a person who is healthy and alert. Choking must have been horrible :(

    1. It gave me a fright and it is something I have found I have to try to avoid by taking smaller bites of food and chewing well before swallowing

  4. Man, kind of a rough week. Will be praying for Tim to be wrong.

    1. Thank you, I hope he is too and is just over reacting a bit

  5. Well that was scary! Hoping you have a much warmer week and no one else gets sick!!

  6. That choking incident would have scared me, too, Jo-Anne. So relieved to know you are okay. Hope Jessica gets over the covid soon, and yes, Tim needs to see the doctor.

    1. Jessica is fine, doesn't look sick at all and is back at work, Tim will see the GP tomorrow

  7. The incident with the bun is terrible. Overall, it wasn't a good week. I really hope Tim goes to the doctor.

    1. It was terrible and yeah he sees the doctor tomorrow arvo


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