Sunday 10 December 2023

Week 49 of 2023

I woke up to find the clothes on the hoist which is better then using the clothes dryer. Started out in shorts then I changed into long pants.

Had a visit from Kelli and her kids and of course we loved seeing them they were here an hour or so. She came not only to say hello but to feed her kids so they didn't have to eat in the car.

Up at 5am and dressed in shorts we are in for another warm day not hot just warm.

Sam walked in at 6.50am this was a surprise, and he stayed here usually he goes home after a few minutes.

Kathy said they had a good holiday even though it was cold and wet part of the time the rest of the time it was bloody hot.

Up at 4.50am no fruit for breakie just fruit in jelly and had the last of the chocolate milk.

Shopping came minus some items most importantly strawberries and mandarins.

Tim has gone to his counselling appointment he will be gone for a couple of hours.

Chrisco arrived just after Tim left only 6 boxes, 2 of grog and 4 of arts and craft stuff I will divide up as gifts.

Up at 4.50am as I woke up sweating, had to cut up the fruit but no strawberries as they are still in Tasha's fridge.

I keep breaking out in a sweat even though the breeze is a cool one.

The laptop was playing up for a couple of hours then it came good and all was fine.

The cleaners came as they do every second week. As I look around the lounge-room all I can think is how much of a mess Tim makes on the other half of the 2 seater lounge he sits on. Oh well it is his seat and he can make a mess if he wants to.

Tim was late going to bed it was close to 4am when he came to bed and I got up at 5am as usual.

I added the window Christmas decorations to the front and back sliding doors. Well when I said I added I mean I asked Tasha to add them.

Tasha has changed her days when she comes and helps me of an afternoon from Monday, Wednesday and Friday till Thursday instead of Friday.

Tim has decided to make enquires about getting someone to look at the bedroom air con in case what's wrong with it is an easy fix.

Had to turn the kitchen air con on around 1pm.

In for another hot day, hotter then yesterday but not as hot as tomorrow according the weather app.

Tim turned the air con on at 11am which was a surprise.

Our recycle bin wasn't emptied yesterday so had Tasha ring the council to find out what was going on, they said someone may be back either today or Monday to empty it.

The bloke who does the back yard came today, at first he started to do the front lawn but Tim went and spoke to him, his cost is covered by Youi.

The recycle bin was emptied at 3pm and according to Tim they made a mess trying to add the contents of our full bin to another bin before emptying it. I don't know why he did that.

Last night was a hot night, when I got up I found that Tim had left the kitchen air con going all night with a fan to help push the cold air towards the bedroom. I turned them off and opened the front and back sliding doors as it is ok outside at the moment.

He also had done the laundry and hung it out on the clothes hoists, which is a good thing as he would not get up till between 9 & 10am.

I turned the air con again at 8am as it was getting hot.

It has been a stinking hot day.


  1. I saw on X a map that showed Australia was in the midst of a big heat wave. Hope it breaks soon.

    1. Well at 7am on the 13th as I finally get around to writing replies I am drenched in sweat yet again

  2. I’m happy our hot days are over for at least 5 mos. It’s perfect now but with weather, it changes so fast.

    1. Yeah one day it is stinking bloody hot then next it can be quite cool

  3. Sounds sweltering there! Freezing here (25F for a high today) and we snow last night with 45-50mph winds. Another six months and we'll be trading weather--lol! Although you won't get this cold, of course. :)

    1. I am glad it isn't always hot nor always cold wouldn't like that

  4. I sure don't envy you that heat wave, Jo-Anne. Give me winter any day of the week!

    1. At least the mornings are cool, not that it stops me sweating


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