Wednesday 6 December 2023

Aussie Christmas Slang


Good morning I have a few Christmas related saying that are pretty Aussie here are some I have thought of.

Christmas Stocking- An inexpensive gift used to fill out a Christmas stocking

Done up like a Christmas Tree- Gaudily overdressed

Think you're Christmas- To have a very high opinion of yourself

Rellies run- A trip to taken to see relatives as part of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Don't know if it's Pitt Street or Christmas- To be stupid


  1. Interesting! I don't know if we have any such sayings or not, none come to mind.

    1. These are pretty common to me, I would like to know if other countries have simpliar sayings

  2. I can't think of any Christmas slang we use here...

  3. Done up like a Christmas tree says it perfectly. Too much glitter and sparkle when casual outdoor clothes would suit our summers perfectly.

  4. All of this slang is new to me, Jo-Anne. I really enjoyed it!

  5. Fun. Some of them I could guess what they mean, most of them not.

  6. Not heard, but I do like rellies run. Fits when you are trying to hit all the relations over the holidays! :)

  7. Those are interesting. Thanks for sharing them.


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