Saturday, 25 September 2021



Saturday and on my own as in no help with breakfast but I have decided to wait till Tim gets up to get dress, so I can have some help.

Getting the shopping delivered this morning as the cost of delivery has come down to $4. It use to be between $9-$15.

Sandra came over to pick up some stuff, it was good to see her. While she was here Leo came down to ask about his eye which was red and causing discomfort Sandy said it looked like pink eye. I reported this to his mum and said he may need to see a Dr.


While getting my breaky and fruit this morning Tasha was unable to find the Blackberries. I said that I didn't see them yesterday morning so she went on about Leo eating them. I thought she was wrong, turns out she was right. I went and checked Leo's room and the empty container was there.

Wrote 4 letters, so all caught up now only need to print them and of course send them off.


Up at 5am washed & dressed eating breaky and starting my day..

Jess had me ring Smith Street Medical to get an appointment for Leo as his eye is very red and inflamed.

He had appointment and was prescribed cream for his eye.

A very warm day.


Had a decent night but I was also in tears at one point, I am not ashamed to say my bladder control isn't good and I wear what amounts to an adult nappy at night. Last night I got up and and was trying to go to the toilet when I tripped and wet myself. I asked Jess to come and help me but the way she sounded made me cry and told her to leave me alone, which she did. Yes she helped me get changed but I felt I should have asked Tasha.

Of course when I told Tasha this morning she was ropeable.

Tasha posted a rant about it on our family messages page.

I feel bad for starting a bitch fight between Tash & Jess.

Other then that it has been a ok day cold but dry.


A new day, I slept well more or less awake at 4.10 up at 4.50am shaking bad. In fact around 1am Tim came into the bedroom for something and I opened my eyes and he asked if I was cold as it looked like I was shivering but no I wasn't cold I was just shaking.

We have been married 37yrs today.

Made Dr appointment to chat about the OT but then decided after re-reading her email that I didn't feel comfortable with her so didn't talk to the doc about that, instead I just asked for scripts. I will try another OT.


Up, washed and dressed for the day by 5.15am. Tasha looks worn out she still not sleeping well.

At least Tasha & Jess are ok.

Tash picked up new printer and set it up for me, although when she tried to set up the wireless part it wouldn't work and she got frustrated and left.

I tried it out and it worked fine. The last printer also had wireless option but I wasn't able to get it to work either.


Up washed and dressed ready for the day. Tasha managed a good nights sleep 8hrs is good.

Saw Kelli and received a great hug, she told me the trouble they are having trying to find a new place to rent, they have to move as the owner wants the house back. They have only 11 days left to find a place and have already applied for dozens of places.



Karen BakingInATornado said...

I hope Leo's had a doctor look at that eye.
And Happy Anniversary!!

menopausal mama said...

Did you ever find out what caused the shaking? Hope you're feeling better now. And happy anniversary!

diane b said...

Happy anniversary. Hope leo's eye is better. Sorry to hear about your shaking.

Margaret D said...

Happy Anniversary.
When you say shopping was delivered, do you mean from Kmart, Target, somewhere else?

Nancy Chan said...

Happy anniversary to you and Tim. Do you know what causes the shaking? Hope Leo's eyes are alright now. In such short notice, hope Kelli found a place to rent. Have a good weekend.

Rita said...

Happy anniversary!
I hope you find an OT you like and that Leo's eye is better and that Kell found a new place to live!

CWMartin said...

Well, that week was a bit rough... but with understanding, everything heals. I think I know the feeling about your printer and why Tasha left...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Karen.......His eye is good now

Mama........The shaking is cause by a functional tremor

Diane B.......Thanks, his eye is good now

Margaret D.......No just from Coles

Nancy.......Thank you, yes a Functional Tremor and Kelli is still looking

Rita.........Thanks, in time I will, they are stilll looking

Chris.....Same here

felicia said...

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